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A-Team Insight Blogs: Mining the Value of Data through Agile Data Governance

By March 2, 2022March 3rd, 2022No Comments
Agile Data Governance 1

Agile data governance frameworks are presenting financial institutions with valuable new ways to use their data and respond swiftly to the changing demands placed upon it. They are also offering deeper insights into firms’ own operations, helping them to identify and eliminate emerging risks, shortening time to market and streamlining decision making.

While the common principles of agile data governance are still crystalising, experts are hailing its importance in helping firms mine value from data that might otherwise have lingered unused on corporate drives.

“The benefit of agile data governance is really to align to the rapid change that we’re seeing across digital transformation and being able to react to it in a much more rapid way,” says Marc Gilman, general counsel and vice president of compliance at data security specialist Theta Lake.

How agile data governance is helping firms is the subject of next week’s Data Management Insight webinar entitled “How to optimise the business value of your data using agile data governance”. The event will gather a panel of experts who will examine the fundamentals of this rapidly developing space.


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