We’re Hiring

Senior Video Streaming Engineer-
SIP, WebRTC, Go, AWS/Azure

The Position

As a Senior Video Streaming Engineer at Theta Lake, you will be responsible for designing and developing integrations between the Theta Lake classification platform and real time media streams from leading video and audio conferencing vendors. You will have the opportunity to work closely with experienced entrepreneurs in a fast-paced environment where the management overhead is low and taking the initiative is encouraged and valued. You will report directly to the CTO.

The Company

Theta Lake is a venture-backed startup focused on extracting insights from video and audio to assist regulated industries in meeting their compliance obligations. We believe there is a unique opportunity to combine the explosion in video conferencing platforms with the emergence of machine learning and artificial intelligence to finally make video a viable tool for companies that are legally required to govern communications.

We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs and technologists who have been successful before and are looking to do it again. Theta Lake does not discriminate and welcomes the contributions of all people from any background.

Location and How to Apply

Santa Barbara, California

To apply, please contact us at careers@thetalake.com.


Market rate, depending on experience. Stock options. Insurance and other benefits.

Things We Have (and hope you do too)

Love of software engineering. Passion for the craft. Love of the game.

Professional software engineering experience building and shipping commercial software with a team of engineers, preferably in a multi-tenant, cloud delivery model.

Things We Need (and hope you have or are ready to learn)
  • Deep understanding of video and audio streaming protocols and codecs. VoIP, WebRTC, SIP, RTSP.
  • Knowledge of the past, present and future of video conferencing solutions and an ability to be the technical leader who can articulate the strategy that the company should follow as we build integrations with companies like Zoom, RingCentral, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting and more.
  • Mastery of at least one language from this list: Golang, C/C++, Java; or a well thought out argument for a language that is not on that list but should be.
  • Demonstrable understanding of the Linux server environment: networking, processes, threads, signals, command line.
  • Experience deploying, designing for and integrating with the AWS and Azure cloud environments: queues, storage, autoscaling, databases, roles and authentication, including deployment tools like Ansible and Terraform.
  • Experience with software processes in a multi-developer environment: requirements, demos, source code control (git), defect tracking (jira), estimation and planning, build, test automation, CI/CD, etc.
  • Understanding of machine learning concepts, especially the difficulties in integrating models into products.
  • Experience troubleshooting and debugging production in a 24/7 uptime environment.