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Regulatory Perspectives

Blog: 2023 Regulatory Priorities from SEC & FINRA – Key Takeaways for Compliant Communications

By February 16, 2023February 27th, 2023No Comments
2023 Regulatory priorities from SEC FINRA by Stacey English 1

At a Glance

Both the SEC and FINRA have announced their examination priorities for 2023 giving investment advisers and broker dealers important insight into the areas to include in their compliance monitoring plans. For those tasked with maintaining compliance, security and data privacy across an organization’s unified communications there are specific areas to focus on to ensure the continuing deployment and use of platforms meet regulatory expectations, including:

  • Cybersecurity and protecting sensitive customer information or confidential firm data from being exposed.
  • Establishing effective information barriers and controls to prevent information leakage and the misuse of material, MNPI.
  • Monitoring for new communications methods and retaining all correspondence by staff conducting firm business.
  • Being able to identify communications containing ‘false, misleading, or promissory statements or claims’, customer complaints, Form CRS and disclosures.
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