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To avoid insider breaches, it’s vital to make sure your people are being careful with how they relay information internally.

The reason: Employee negligence or errors caused 62% of all insider data breaches last year, according to a recent report from Ponemon Institute, a research center specializing in privacy and data protection.

Equally as alarming for CFOs: The average global cost of insider threats (and their fallout)​ increased ​31% in just two years​ to a whopping $11.45 million​.


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Devin Redmond

Author Devin Redmond

Devin has more than 2 decades of experience in enterprise risk and compliance. The former CEO and Co-Founder of Nexgate, a pioneer in social and digital media compliance and security acquired by Proofpoint (PFPT) in 2014, he also held executive and leadership roles at Check Point, Neoteris, Websense, and more. In addition to living in 7 countries and speaking 3 languages, Devin is a frequent public speaker that is passionate about modern digital risk and compliance technology that helps businesses gain a competitive advantage.

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