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In this intensely competitive Financial Services market environment, Banks, Insurers, Securities & Exchanges, and Wealth Management institutions, whether a small business or global enterprise, are increasingly challenged to find the optimum balance to minimize workplace disruptions for remote workers and at brick-and-mortar office locations, protect proprietary data, and understand how hybrid cloud operating models will impact business performance.

According to Anthony Cresci, VP of Business Development and Operations, “the growth in unified collaboration systems has skyrocketed and Theta Lake is helping its customers protect those communication channels by monitoring and identifying security and compliance risks. We are empowering our customers to embrace video conferencing, collaboration chat, and UC tools as well as enable rich information sharing features, such as in-meeting chat, screen share, virtual whiteboards, all while ensuring they meet compliance requirements and providing visibility into what is being said, shown on screen, or shared in chat within these communications.”

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