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Theta Lake Announces First Fully Native Risk & Compliance Monitoring for Collaboration Chat

By March 31, 2020No Comments
Theta Lake Compliance Suite: review and archive the collaboration messaging in native format

Moving beyond mere threaded views for email to full contextual chat archiving, risk analysis, and monitoring


Santa Barbara, CA—March 31, 2020—Theta Lake, Inc., the Collaboration Risk & Compliance company that helps security and compliance teams scale their risk detection in modern collaboration platforms across video, voice, chat, and more, today announces the release of the first native capture and monitoring solution for collaboration chat. 

The release enables organizations to move beyond attempts to format chat for email archive systems with rudimentary threading views to full contextual chat archiving, risk analysis, and monitoring across the leading collaboration platforms. That includes the industry’s first full coverage for Microsoft Teams one-to-one chat, group chat, and teams chat, as well as leading coverage for Cisco Webex Teams, RingCentral Glip, Slack, and more.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, response actions are driving an unprecedented rapid adoption of unified communication and collaborative messaging tools that support a remote workforce that is socially distant from coworkers, partners, and clients. These communication tools are critical to maintain ongoing operations. Yet, they also create opportunities for users to make inadvertent mistakes that have consequences to an organization’s data protection and regulatory compliance, whether the organization is in financial services, healthcare, public sector or education.


tl nativechatmessaging

Chat viewer showing how MS Teams chat message content appears in Theta Lake Compliance Suite. Note that the content is viewed in the same format and is scrollable with all participants identified.


“Now is the time we all need to fully adopt collaboration platforms and use their capabilities to communicate and share the right content, but this also requires risk and compliance guardrails,” said Devin Redmond, CEO of Theta Lake. “Our Theta Lake Compliance Suite makes that adoption with full risk and compliance monitoring possible. The solution covers all content that may be in a chat, including videos, voice, URLs, images, files, emojis, documents, and more all with full context of the timeline and participants with consistency across multiple chat and collaboration platforms. This modern, context-based analysis approach provides our customers with the critical nuanced information they need about the communications to fully mitigate the risks.”

Legacy compliance solutions reformat and denature modern chat to turn it into an email, which changes the true context of the chat. This loses the context of active participants versus those who are passive in a channel and omits key content from within the communication that may be asynchronous on a chat timeline. As a result, legacy compliance archive and risk monitoring tools have gaps in the capture of content and the detection of risks while they double the effort required for teams trying to search, discover, and review the limited data and context they did capture.

Chat collaboration messaging is a rich communication medium for organizations, which requires full contextual coverage. Theta Lake Compliance Suite is unique in that it treats collaboration messaging natively, so it analyzes, displays, and stores communications in the same format in which they were created—including all attached user content. This approach empowers risk and compliance teams to view conversations with their complete content and context so that they can fully understand the nuance of the communication.

Theta Lake’s critical review and archive features include:

  • Theta Lake Compliance Suite displays chat messaging in native chat conversation format with all the participants identified. The solution shows both the active participants and, importantly, the non-active users if it is a team or channel thread sent across platform integrations.
  • Chat conversations are fully scrollable across the conversation’s entire timeline, conveniently and logically broken up into specific time blocks for risk monitoring and review.
  • All content is shown contextually and archived compliantly. Emojis, images, videos, documents, and other files are captured, kept in context in the chat, and reviewed for risk.
  • Theta Lake’s Compliance Suite uses patent pending AI and NLP techniques to detect and highlight risks in what is written, shared, and shown in collaborative messaging across over 50 built-in policies for acceptable use risks, data privacy, and regulatory risks, as well as supporting automated custom detections.
  • In addition to rich search and patent pending AI-assisted review workspaces, the Theta Lake Compliance Suite provides robust reporting and data export that augments an organization’s legacy compliance infrastructure

tl chathistory callout

Theta Lake helps organizations improve the safety and compliance of their collaboration programs while reducing bottom line compliance costs and improving the utility of legacy compliance infrastructure.




Theta Lake Compliance Suite for Collaboration Platforms is now available. To request a demo, visit:


About Theta Lake

Theta Lake, Inc., a two-time RegTech 100 company and Gartner 2019 Cool Vendor, was founded in 2017 by proven entrepreneurs and enterprise technology builders with decades of leadership recognition from Global 100 customers and top industry analysts. Theta Lake’s multi-patent pending AI helps compliance teams more effectively and quickly scale their compliance risk detection and the workflows for communication supervision of modern video, voice, and unified collaboration systems. The Theta Lake Compliance Suite is SOC2 Type 2 compliant. Visit us at; LinkedIn; Twitter @thetalake.