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Crossbeam: How RingCentral Built an Internal Culture of Partnerships

By May 3, 2022No Comments
Crossbeam partner illustration

True or false: Other teams in your org actively recruit tech partners and directly contribute to the growth of your tech ecosystem.

If you answered “True”, we’re tipping our hats in your direction. 

If you answered, “False”, there are a variety of ways to encourage your internal teams to scope and validate integration opportunities (like partnership-related KPIs, a shift in communication, and, sometimes, bribes).

Each of your customer-facing teams should be your biggest allies and your sources of truth for filling product gaps and growing your partner ecosystem.

We spoke with RingCentral — a Supernode when it comes to tech ecosystem maturity — about how they embed ecosystem-first responsibilities into their “Vertical” and “Solutions Engineering” teams to make their platform “stickier”. Each team vets integration use cases and sources tech partners that satisfy the needs of customers in more than 10 verticals. They then collaborate with the partnerships team to plan each integration’s roll-out and expand its use cases.


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