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FinTech Global: How Theta Lake is unlocking business value in communication tools

By May 5, 2022No Comments
Theta Lake team meeting

Prior to co-founding Theta Lake, Devin Redmond spent more than two and a half decades in the security and compliance space. During his time in the industry, he and his fellow co-founders identified a gap in the market – a clear opportunity to develop a more modern solution that was needed for communication compliance and next generation data protection.

“We believe in an approach built for Zoom, Webex, RingCentral, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other modern communication tools as well as legacy channels like email and voice. An approach that is designed to address the gaps in and improve upon traditional email archiving or voice recording while shifting to proactive risk detection and remediation from a traditionally reactive ‘store-and-search’ approach, said CEO and co-founder Redmond.

“We also believe in an approach focused on improving the experience and efficiency with better workflow and task management design for compliance personnel and security staff. That approach also leverages machine learning-based risk detections to get to the right information or action more easily, as well as to reduce review and response time by well over 100%.”

Redmond highlighted the company furthermore believes in an approach that can improve data accessibility and reduce an organization’s data being ‘held hostage’ while reducing the cost of data storage and recording keeping by as much as 50%. This comes with a mantra of helping ‘unlock the business value of modern communication tools’ while giving compliance and risk teams the control and assurance to manage that change at the right increments and pace to maximise resources and effectiveness.


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