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FinTech Global: Theta Lake revolutionizes compliance with cutting-edge voice recording innovations

By June 11, 2024June 12th, 2024No Comments
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Theta Lake, an esteemed leader in Digital Communications Governance (DCG) and a heralded provider of Unified Communication Compliance solutions, has recently expanded its offerings.

The company has launched new capabilities, integrations, and partnerships designed to modernize voice recording compliance as organizations transition from traditional to cloud-based unified communication platforms.

The increasing reliance on cloud-native voice solutions introduces significant challenges for traditional, network-dependent compliance recording systems. Theta Lake is pioneering innovative solutions to address these challenges, ensuring that companies can maintain robust compliance amidst evolving technologies.

The regulatory landscape has become increasingly stringent, with penalties nearing $3bn USD in the last two years for failures in managing communication systems effectively. This includes lapses in voice call retention, inadequate PCI handling, and delays in addressing GDPR right-to-be-forgotten requests. The clear directive from regulators is for organizations to enhance oversight and retention practices across all communication channels, including voice and messaging services.

Theta Lake’s latest offerings include cloud-native DCG for Cloud Voice and Unified Communications (UC) platforms. This provides a scalable solution for capturing voice communications across various mediums including call centers, enterprise calling, trader voice, and mobile communications. Their system not only allows the retention of audio and transcripts but also content from SMS and screen sharing, which are becoming increasingly common in modern call centers.


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