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FinTech Global: Why data protection is more vital than ever in modern communications

By January 25, 2023March 13th, 2023No Comments
Why data protection is more vital than ever in modern communications


In a world that is becoming ever more digitally connected, ensuring robust data protection has become more important than ever.

In a recent post by Theta Lake, the company highlighted the importance of data protection and some of the key concerns surrounding it.

Theta said, “Data protection is now more important than ever. Given the new ways of working and communicating there are increasing amounts of personally identifiable information (PII) and personal health information (PHI) data shared across communication platforms and firms are expected to be able to capture and retain safely as well as retrieve and delete personal data.”

Data protection and privacy include the relationship between data security, accessibility, the use of technology, the public expectation of privacy together with the associated legal and political issues.

The issues are seen as so fundamentally important that data protection legislation has proliferated around the world and must be complied with by regardless of sector, Theta stated.

In the company’s fourth annual report on Modern Communications Compliance and Security, a wide range of data protection issues surrounding security and privacy were highlighted, with respondents commonly citing the risk of content being hacked, leaked or externally shared.

A key concern shared by a compliance director included confidential information that is shared between meetings potentially being breached through staff taking pictures or screen shots of information that is shared.

Theta Lake said, “The focus on concerns around data security show that for firms and regulators alike a crackdown on data protection and non-compliant communications is a continuing priority.

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