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FinTech: Theta Lake launches selective archiving tool for Zoom

By April 15, 2021September 28th, 2021No Comments
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Theta Lake has released its latest integration module for Zoom, which provides financial services companies with selective archiving for eComms.

The new module for the Theta Lake Security and Compliance Suite has selective content archiving options for any content types or modes used in Zoom Meetings.

Regulated financial services firms will be able to use Zoom capabilities, such as in-meeting chat and polling, while selectively archiving and supervising only the traditional electronic communication contents and without the need to record and store the audio and video components of those related Zoom meetings.

They can customise their archiving and supervision to take the full meeting content with retention and analysis of video, chat and audio, or they can pick certain components.

Theta Lake CEO Devin Redmond said, “Unified communications have become integral to today’s workplace across industries including financial services, tech, government, healthcare, and more.  This new integration module and our expanded footprint allows more organizations across industries and across the globe to address even the most stringent compliance and security needs for video, voice, and chat collaboration.”

Thera Lake’s Security and Compliance Suite offers compliant archiving and AI-assisted supervision to detect risks within Zoom communications, whether that is shared, shown, spoken or typed. Its technology can monitor voice, video, chat, screen shares and even emojis.

Speaking on the launch of the new module, Advisor Group vice president of workplace technology Todd Logan said, “Theta Lake flat-out saved us time and money while improving our compliance coverage.

“This new selective electronic communications archiving allows us to expand usage of Zoom with compliance coverage for additional users that we don’t need to fully record.

“In addition to the criticality of compliant archiving, we really save hundreds and hundreds of person hours using the review system and workspace itself. We’re communicating and creating more and more content via Zoom and Theta Lake has enabled us to scale our compliance and supervision for Zoom without increasing headcount.”

This is the fifth integration module to be released by Theta Lake and is bolstering its compliance,  supervision, and security capabilities for Zoom. These are available in the US, UK, EU, Canada and Australia.

The other modules include Zoom Meetings Supervision and Archiving, Realtime Compliance Advisor for Zoom Meetings, Zoom Chat Supervision and Archiving and Zoom Phone Supervision and Archiving.

Also commenting on Theta Lake’s Zoom modules, Tupicoffs managing director Neil Kendall said, “As an Australian firm with strict requirements for archiving and supervision of communications, the coverage and automated detection even with our different accents, let us get full capture of all aspects of our Zoom communications while making review and supervision very efficient and effective.”


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