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FUZE PRESS RELEASE: Fuze Announces New Compliance Integrations to Enhance Communications Data

By March 10, 2021September 27th, 2021No Comments
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New integrations with Theta Lake and 17a-4 LLC’s DataParser and updated Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations, automate administration and regulation of communications data to streamline compliance

BOSTON, MA (March 10, 2021)—Fuze, the leading cloud-based communications provider for the modern global enterprise, today announced a series of integrations to meet enterprise compliance requirements and ensure the protection of sensitive organizational data. The integrations with Theta Lake, a provider of modern collaboration security and compliance solutions, and 17a-4 LLC’s DataParser, a leading middleware solution that brings third-party data into any archive, automate the management and regulation of communications data. Additionally, Fuze has updated the Fuze for Microsoft Teams and Fuze for Slack integrations to adhere to the current security and compliance guidelines of these applications.

The increasingly distributed global workforce communicates across an expanding variety of mediums, putting businesses at greater risk of sharing critical information that may compromise data security or lead to a compliance violation. As a trusted partner for some of the world’s major global enterprises, Fuze offers integrations with leading compliance solution vendors to streamline the compliance management process for enterprises, while helping IT, security, legal, call center supervisors, and people managers maintain data security.

“With the rapid and permanent expansion of remote work, business leaders must scale compliance operations across a growing list of communications channels, while also handling drastically increasing usage,” said Rear Admiral Dan MacDonnell, (US Navy Retired) senior security advisor at Fuze. “As enterprises emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and embrace a hybrid model of in-person and remote work, Fuze’s integrations with leading compliance solution vendors enable organizations to remain vigilant and uphold data security.”

The new integrations with Theta Lake, DataParser, Microsoft Teams, and Slack include the following features:

  • Theta Lake: Call recordings and chat messages can be pulled directly from the Fuze platform into a SOC 2, Type II, WORM compliant archive for long-term retention. Theta Lake uses natural language processing and machine learning to automate the detection of compliance, acceptable use, data leakage, and company-specific risks within call recordings and chat messages. An AI-assisted workflow and proactive alerting enables more efficient and effective review of potential risks. Additional features include playback controls and highly accurate transcripts, PII redaction, legal-hold, and extensive search capabilities across filters and keywords for eDiscovery.
  • DataParser: Middleware to collect Fuze chat messages and shared files into any compliance archive for retention, supervision, and eDiscovery. Chats are threaded into conversations for easy review by Compliance officers.
  • Fuze for Microsoft Teams: For customers utilizing Fuze for Teams for click-to-call and click-to-meet, all Fuze interactions are compatible with Microsoft’s auditing and eDiscovery tools and require zero effort from customers to enable.
  • Fuze for Slack: Fuze’s click-to-call and click-to-meet Slack integration conforms to Slack’s Enterprise Grid architecture and can be deployed across an enterprise grid organization. This helps IT administrators to streamline data management and ensure compliance when deploying Slack throughout a company.


“We are excited to partner with Fuze to help global enterprises streamline compliance, security, and risk management for Fuze calling and chat communications,” said Anthony Cresci, VP of Business Development and Operations at Theta Lake. “Business leaders and employees rely on Fuze to remain productive. Theta Lake’s natively integrated compliance and security suite enables organizations to maintain safe, secure, and compliant communications along with extracting additional insights and value from recorded voice and chat communications.”

“Collaborative content is inherently difficult to capture for archival and eDiscovery collections,” said Charles Weeden, Managing Partner at 17a-4. “We ensure that the DataParser accurately captures Fuze interactions for both a client’s compliance and legal teams.”

Learn more about Fuze’s latest compliance integrations here.

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This press release first appeared on Fuze, on March 10th 2021.
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