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GetVoIP: RingCentral Strengthens SMS, Archiving, eDiscovery

By May 26, 2022No Comments
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Via a single updated partnership and one ‘fresh’ alliance – cloud communication tool developer; RingCentral massively beefed up its stack.

Now, RingCentral/Theta Lake customers can access several new and FREE features, like advanced archiving and eDiscovery. Features like eDiscovery help companies identify, collect and produce electronically-stored information (ESI); in the event of a lawsuit or investigation. 

“FREE Advanced Archiving” is also available and lends RingCentral customers access to its global service provider platform. All this builds on a March 2022, $50 M Series B funding round announcement that included heavy hitters RingCentral, Salesforce, Cisco, and Zoom.

RingCentral also beefed up its free SMS capabilities with the texting platform for businesses and contact centers, Textel. Founded in 2014: the customer experience platform has a few aims, to increase customer engagement, improve contact center performance, and drive revenue. The duo plan to bring robust SMS and MMS capabilities to their respective customers.

RingCentral’s latest partnerships are poised to bring a lot of advantages to subscribers – and could be a game-changer for the cloud-based communications provider, which recently also announced a solid first quarter. 

For the first quarter of 2022, RingCentral’s total revenue increased 33% year-over-year to $468 million. And subscriptions revenue increased 35% year over year to $440 million. The Firm’s Annualized Exit Monthly Recurring Subscriptions (ARR) increased 35% year over year to $1.9 billion, and its mid-market/Enterprise ARR increased 46% year over year to $1.2 billion.

RingCentral is on somewhat (of) a winning streak, and its latest free offerings seem to indicate as much, too. I will take you through how the company is giving back with a breadth of new and (helpful) features; designed for businesses of all sizes to leverage: free of charge.

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