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GetVoIP: Theta Lake Talks – 2022 Enterprise Security Challenges

By February 9, 2022February 15th, 2022No Comments
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In December 2021, Theta Lake partnered with Verint, forming a strategic partnership poised to tighten the customer engagement firm’s grasp on collaboration security and compliance solutions. This occurrence prompted me to look a bit further into the company, and I learned a lot from a report I stumbled upon – one released by the firm. 

Theta Lake’s report serves as an annual benchmark survey, one that reached over 100 tech professionals across the financial services industry, a sector hit hard by contemporary yet necessary regulations to address unforeseen issues brought on by the Pandemic. Not to mention, there were a ton of cyber-attacks during the Pandemic, which worked to expose the vulnerable nature of most enterprises.  


Threats and Challenges to Enterprise Security Theata Lake

Stacey English is Director of Market Intelligence, Theta Lake, and gave me the low-down on the survey and why its findings could be fundamental in helping companies navigate various challenges created by or related to the Coronavirus Pandemic. She told me that it is now, thanks to plenty of factors – a critical need to address regulatory requirements and protect data in financial services.

Those challenges, she noted, can hurt an organizations’ ability to take full advantage of the collaborative tools they invest in. According to Theta Lake’s survey – employees use plenty of collaboration tools. Between two and six collaboration tools to be exact. That accounts for 91 percent of survey participants who say they leverage Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Webex, Zoom, and Slack. 

“This results in a tremendous amount of content to manage and supervise, and we can expect to see this number remain steady, even with a gradual return to the office but remain clear that the Pandemic presented a tipping point for those in the collaboration industry.”E

Enterprises will (almost) certainly have to step things up and ensure robust security for end-users/customers. There are a lot more findings where that came from, so let us take a deeper dive into what Theta Lake unearthed.