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Theta Lake, a leader in modern collaboration security and compliance solutions, today announced its latest integration module for Zoom Video Communications, Inc. with the Theta Lake Security and Compliance Suite, the eComms Archive module for Zoom. With this fifth integration module, Theta Lake extends its position with a comprehensive and purpose-built compliance, supervision, and security solution for Zoom across industries.

The new eComms Archive integration module delivers selective content archiving options for any content types or modes used in Zoom Meetings. Specifically, for FSIs, the new module allows regulated FSI firms to use Zoom capabilities like in-meeting chat or polling while selectively archiving and supervising only that traditional ‘electronic communication’ content without the need to record and store the audio or video components of those related Zoom meetings. FSIs can now customize their archiving and supervision to take full meeting content with retention and analysis of video, chat, and audio, or, select just the content components of meetings they want to archive and supervise. Theta Lake’s differentiated archiving functionality enables compliance when adopting Zoom Meetings along with increased usage of its features in complicated regulated environments.

“Theta Lake flat-out saved us time and money while improving our compliance coverage,” said Todd Logan, Vice President of Workplace Technology, Advisor Group. “We have rapidly scaled up our use of Zoom for meetings as well as recorded presentation and training content. This new selective electronic communications archiving allows us to expand usage of Zoom with compliance coverage for additional users that we don’t need to fully record. In addition to the criticality of compliant archiving, we really save hundreds and hundreds of person hours using the review system and workspace itself. We’re communicating and creating more and more content via Zoom and Theta Lake has enabled us to scale our compliance and supervision for Zoom without increasing headcount.the green sheet logo


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