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Enabling Compliance And Security For All Webex Communications

Theta Lake unlocks the full benefits of using Webex by providing a purpose-built compliance platform to capture, compliantly archive, and act as an archive connector for existing archives of record for video, voice, and chat collaboration systems. In addition to offering a SOC 2, Type II, WORM compliant archive and rich eDiscovery, Theta Lake provides the most complete supervision and data leakage detection capabilities across shown, shared, spoken, written, and whiteboard content. Leveraging next-gen AI to help firms streamline compliance review through automated detection of regulatory, security, data privacy, and acceptable use risks across all communication mediums.

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Theta Lake and Webex Integration Overview


Expanded Coverage for Webex eComms & Slido

Theta Lake now enables selective archiving and supervision for FSIs across any content type or mode in Webex Meetings, including meeting chat, transcripts, closed-captioning and polling (powered by Slido) in a Webex meeting without the need to record the audio or video from the meeting. Slido coverage includes any content created within the Slido platform (including Polls, Q&A, Surveys, and more).

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Theta Lake Integrates with Webex’s Communication Modules

Theta Lake has the most comprehensive and purpose-built compliance, supervision, and security solution for all Webex applications and across industries.


Full native capture, supervision, archiving, and third-party archive integration for chat


Archiving and the industry’s only full analysis and supervision for all video, voice, and chat meeting content


Securely capture, supervise, and selectively archive Webex Meetings electronic communications including Webex Meeting chat (private/group without recording)  Webex Assistant Transcripts, closed-captioning, in-meeting chat, native polls/Q&A, and Slido. For Slido polls generated in a Webex Meeting, the records are attached to all other Webex Meetings Ecomms artifacts (such as in-meeting chat, Transcripts, or closed-captioning).  


Full capture and display, in native chat format, of messages, files, GIFs, images, reactions, and any shared content along with video conferences. Includes advanced eDiscovery and 60-day retention for Webex Messaging and 30-day retention for Webex Meetings


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Theta Lake is offering free, advanced archiving and eDiscovery for Webex.

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Capabilities and Benefits

Theta Lake’s Security and Compliance Suite provides much more than rudimentary archiving chat, voice, or video with just an accompanying transcript for the audio from the video. This includes the following capabilities which should be considered a bare minimum requirement to help improve compliance and reduce risk:

Comprehensive Capture for Webex and CMS applications

Integrates and captures content for Webex Meetings, Webex Messaging, and Cisco Meeting Server.

Archive, Archive Connector, and eDiscovery

SEC 17a-4, WORM compliant archiving with robust eDiscovery and legal hold. Plus integration with third-party email archives and eDiscovery systems.

Advanced Timeline Search and Conversation View for Webex Messaging

Native viewer for Webex Messaging messages and shared content, instead of disparate EML files, enabling advanced investigations of complex, fluid discussions and file sharing over time.

Webex Meeting Chat, Transcript, Closed-Captioning & Polls Capture

Allows selective content archiving for Webex Meeting chat (private/group without recording), transcripts, closed-captioning (without Meeting recording), native Polls/Q&A, and Slido.

Video, Voice & Chat Surveillance

75+ pre-built and company specific, NLP and ML-based policies automate detection of regulatory, data loss, privacy, conduct, and abuse risks in what is said, shown on screen (whiteboard, webcam, screenshare), shared, and written.

Email Archive Integration

Theta Lake Archive Connector comprehensively captures all chat messages and electronic communications and seamlessly integrates them into an organization’s archive. For a complete list of archive vendors, click here.

Robust Search and eDiscovery

Search across hundreds of filters and free-form text on voice, text on screen, images, chat, and in-meeting chat along with metadata such as participants, date ranges, etc.

Differential User Group Coverage

Ability to set recording, review, eDiscovery, archiving, and risk detection policies across different user groups, geographies, and compliance or information security use cases.

SOC 2 Type 2, SEC 17a-4 Compliant Archive

Secure, long-term archive supporting ‘bring-your-own’ encryption keys with no additional or hidden storage costs for archiving Webex content.

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