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Medium: RingCentral + Theta Lake = Comprehensive Communication Compliance

By April 14, 2022April 20th, 2022No Comments
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RingCentral provides a rich set of APIs for companies to build and enhance their data security strategy for modern collaboration. These comprehensive developer resources also enable Theta Lake to build, deploy, and maintain our applications with ease and confidence.

In 2018, Theta Lake partnered with RingCentral to enable financial services firms to meet regulatory requirements surrounding capture, retention, and supervision of audio calls made from the RingCentral platform. Fortunately, RingCentral’s mature APIs and documentation made Theta Lake’s integration very straightforward, so retention and supervision for regulated firms can be enabled in just a few minutes.

Connecting a customer’s RingCentral account is easy and straightforward. Theta Lake uses a standard OAuth handshake to leverage APIs across recorded calls, voicemail, faxes, SMS, and Team Messaging. We regularly refresh these tokens and no user intervention is required. This authentication allows us to pull in all (or a subset) of RingCentral content using the Call Log, Messages, and Archive APIs. We are careful to manage content ingestion, since these APIs have rate-limits and it is critical that we don’t miss new data. Once we have the content, we can run it through our pipeline, which extracts user/participant information, and applies the correct policy based on pre-configured settings. This allows us to, for example, determine archive location and duration.

After early and rapid adoption, joint customers became increasingly interested in testing the limit of our integration and capturing all RingCentral communications, like team messaging/chat, SMS, faxes, and even RingCentral Video. The flexible API suite, organized by modality (voice, Faze, SMS, Messaging, Video), facilitated incremental development and reduced our time to market. By 2020, Theta Lake had elevated their offering to provide comprehensive capture of all RC cloud communications — just in time for the world to shift to hybrid work.

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