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Medium: Start-up Society #54 – The Compliance Tech Issue

By May 31, 2021June 5th, 2021No Comments

Keeping the American Dream Alive

Welcome to the 54th edition of Start-up Society! This is a weekly blog that promotes nationwide entrepreneurship and highlights some of the most exciting start-ups in the country striving to keep the American Dream alive.

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Happy Memorial Day!

Ever break a law you didn’t know existed? Well, it happens to companies all the time. We are going all over the country to meet companies that prevent ZoomBombings, secure customer data, and keep cannabis compliant.


HQ: Santa Barbara

Founded: 2017
Total Raised: $17.7M

  • Theta Lake provides compliance and security tools for the conferencing software that has become so prevalent and essential (Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc.).
  • The company uses patented and multi-patent pending artificial intelligence (AI) to detect risks across video, visual, voice, chat and document content. This AI helps any organizations address risks including data exposure, phishing, account compromise, acceptable use and regulatory compliance risks all while addressing archiving and supervision requirements.

“The need for security and compliance solutions that fully cover modern collaboration tools should be obvious to everyone. That need pre-existed the pandemic, but now is more pressing than ever. The shift from physical work sites and employer-owned networks with tightly managed devices and applications, to a distributed workplace that lives inside your collaboration tools means organizations need new security and compliance coverage that lives inside that new workplace.” — Devin Redmond, Theta Lake CEO

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