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Microsoft Blog: The future of financial services – AI and Microsoft Copilot

By July 2, 2024No Comments


Companies in the financial services industry (FSI) are adopting AI to transform operations and boost employee productivity. AI represents an exciting next step for FSI companies, but fostering innovation requires a foundation of trust and robust governance.

FSI firms handle sensitive financial data and personal information, facing unique security and regulatory challenges. Business leaders must prepare for the future by empowering employees with AI in a responsible and secure manner that protects customer data.

Empowering employee productivity with AI

The AI revolution is underway; the 2024 Work Trend Index Annual Report shows that 75% of knowledge workers are already using AI. And the trend is accelerating—nearly half of those who adopted AI did so in the last six months. Employees who implement AI report time savings, improved focus, and enhanced creativity. Within one month, the top 5% of teams using Copilot for Microsoft 365 to summarize meetings saved eight hours—a full workday that they could dedicate to other tasks.

But with unique security and regulatory needs, FSI organizations need to carefully consider how they implement AI. “Without the right guardrails, processes, and policies, unmanaged AI use can present inherent risks and challenges that cannot be overlooked, especially in an area like financial services, where regulatory compliance and corporate governance are paramount,” says Dan Nadir, Chief Product Officer of Theta Lake.

Theta Lake, a Microsoft partner, is a compliance and security company that provides tools for organizations to boost employee productivity with AI securely. It actively monitors any content created, including Copilot creations, to help identify potential compliance risks across all content. With Theta Lake’s AI-powered financial services solutions, companies are detecting sensitive data more accurately and efficiently than doing it manually.


Read the full Microsoft blog post by Ryan Blakely, Director of Partner Go-To-Market, Financial Services.


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