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Theta Lake Delivers Voice Compliance Innovations Across Call Center, Enterprise Voice, Trader Voice, and Mobile Use Cases

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Introduces New TranscriptionRN® Patent, New Compliance Integrations and Coverage Including Microsoft Operator Connect, RingCentral CX and Contact Center, and Multiple Innovations for Compliant Voice

Santa Barbara, CA – June 5, 2024 Theta Lake, Inc., a recognized Digital Communications Governance (DCG) provider and multi-award winning provider of Unified Communication Compliance solutions, has added a number of capabilities, integrations, and partnerships to meet the growing need for updated voice recording and compliance capabilities. As companies embrace alternatives to legacy voice and calling infrastructure and move to cloud-based unified communication-based phone and voice platforms, modern voice recording compliance approaches have become essential. This shift to cloud-native voice presents new challenges for legacy compliance recording systems that are device and network-based, and Theta Lake is at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions to meet the need.

Regulators are imposing record-breaking fines, nearing $3 Billion USD over the last 2 years, on organizations that fail to effectively manage their communication landscape. This includes both inadequate record-keeping for voice recording requirements under regulations such as the CFTC’s Dodd-Frank Regulation 23.202, the UK/EU MiFID II, Canadian IDPC Rule 3804, PCI handling, and more. These failures range from not retaining voice calls and messages to inadequate handling of PCI and untimely response to GDPR right-to-be-forgotten requests. Additionally, a lack of supervision over employee communication practices is also a concern. The message from regulators is clear: organizations must prioritize proper oversight and data retention across all communication channels, including voice and messaging.

Theta Lake’s cloud-native DCG coverage for Cloud Voice and UC platforms provides a scalable and flexible solution for capturing voice through integration or with Theta Lake’s recording infrastructure from call center tools, enterprise calling products, trader voice, and any app or native mobile-based phone calls (including text messages). This also enables flexible retention of all or selected elements of modern voice across audio, transcripts, SMS, and even content from screen sharing and other mediums often used in newer call center platforms.

Theta Lake now supports recording and recording capture for a wide range of platforms with voice capability, including Amazon Connect, Cloud9, Dialpad, Fuze, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Movius, Nice, Redbox, RingCentral RingEx, RingCentral RingCX, RingCentral Contact Center, Symphony, Verint, Cisco Webex, Zoom Contact Center, Phone and Meetings. Many more integrations are planned for 2024.

Innovations Include:

  • Unique Microsoft Certified Compliance Recorder that seamlessly supports recording and Follow-the-User recording for Microsoft’s Operator Connect and the 93+ Phone and Voice providers that integrate calling with Microsoft Teams
  • Unified coverage with a flexible platform approach for capturing, archiving, searching and detecting risk in voice, SMS and messaging across carrier, Unified Communication provider, and mobile compliance enforcement tools
  • Unified coverage for capturing, archiving, searching, and detecting risks for the increasingly meshed modalities built into voice platforms including SMS, call from chat to chat from call in UC and trader voice, screen sharing in call center tools
  • The ability to support any geography for call recording archiving and multi-location storage management in multiple geographies simultaneously to support increasing localized regulatory requirements for data sovereignty. Theta Lake leverages and provides advanced security and compliance certifications including bring your own encryption key management and bring your own cloud storage to drive call data and recording control for customers, providing flexibility in migration, storage cost management, and the ability to support additional internal applications that can leverage call recording data.
  • The ability to use built-in transcription or any transcription provided with Theta Lake’s multi-patented and patent pending TranscriptionRN® for compliance to provide better context and transcend baseline solutions that are only focused on Word Error Rate (WER). This includes Theta Lake’s newly allowed technology patent, US-20240176947-A1 for soundalikes and lookalikes for targeted compliance context with TranscriptionRN® across multi-language transcription, as well as detecting compliance, security, and acceptable user risks in multiple languages and on-demand translation for reviewers. 

“We’ve focused our integrations and efforts at Theta Lake on providing the broadest coverage for Cloud Voice Unified Communication platforms with the deepest DCG capabilities for compliance,” said Dan Nadir, Chief Product Officer, Theta Lake. “This latest wave of integrations, capabilities, and patented technology is just more validation of our impact and innovation in compliant voice.”

“At first, we were skeptical that Theta Lake’s TranscriptionRN® solution could do everything promised. Theta Lake is amazing and delivers on all of our requirements. It’s remarkably accurate in analyzing all those hours and hours of recordings and reliably identifying the things that we’re looking for,” said Neil Kendall, Managing Director, Tupicoffs.

“Theta Lake’s compliance recording enabled us to adopt Microsoft Teams, which was paramount in keeping our regulated employees productive and engaged with our customers,” said Paul Jones, Head of Technology, Longview Partners. “Theta Lake helped us very quickly implement a full compliance suite to capture and record all aspects of Microsoft Team’s Meetings, as well as proactively detect risk in the recordings, enabling our compliance teams to be much more effective and efficient when performing review. Not only are we compliant with MiFID II regulations, but our compliance teams are also able to scale with the growing volume of unified communications we are recording.”

For more information, visit Theta Lake’s webpage on voice compliance solutions or register for a live demo of Voice Compliance Recording and Supervision on June 13th. If you’re attending XloD, don’t forget to stop by booth 18 to get a demo.   

About Theta Lake: 

Theta Lake’s multi-award winning product suite provides patented compliance and security for modern collaboration platforms, utilizing more than 100 frictionless partner integrations that include Zoom, RingCentral, Microsoft Teams, Webex by Cisco, Slack, Asana, Movius, Mural and more. Theta Lake can capture, act as a unified archive connector across modalities for pre-existing archives of record, and/or act as a completely unified archive for all eComms aComms (voice), vComms (video and images), and more. In addition to comprehensive capture and archiving, Theta Lake enables unified search and full replay across all modalities and content types including full conversation views across meshed UCC tools and media types. With unified visibility, customers can more successfully implement proactive compliance using patented ML and AI to detect regulatory, privacy, and security risks in communications. Visit us at ThetaLake.com; LinkedIn; or X @thetalake.

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Stacey Hurwitz
Theta Lake, Inc.