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PRODUCT UPDATE: Microsoft Coverage; Detections for Unclear Communications, Identify Illegal Behavior, Visual Workflows Enhancements, ZoomPhone and Cloud9 eDiscovery Extended

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Theta Lake’s multi-award winning product suite provides compliance and security for modern collaboration platforms, utilizing over 40 frictionless partner integrations that include Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Slack, Zoom, and more. Theta Lake can capture, compliantly archive, and act as an archive connector for existing archives of record for video, voice, and chat collaboration systems. In addition to comprehensive capture and archiving, Theta Lake uses patented AI to detect and surface regulatory, privacy, and security risks in an AI assisted review workflow across what is shared, shown, spoken, and typed. Theta Lake enables organizations to safely, compliantly, and cost-effectively expand their use of communication platforms.

Our close relationships with customers and partners enables us to continually anticipate and respond to industry needs. 

The team at Theta Lake strives to deliver on the promise of innovation in compliance and security for modern communication platforms through continued enhancements and product developments. Below are the latest updates to our platform, available now.

Expanding Compliance and Security Supervision and Archiving Coverage for Modern Communication Systems

Enhancing and Innovating Compliance and Security Risk Detection and Handling

Scale, Efficiency, and User Experience for Improved Usage and Adoption

Expanding Compliance and Security Supervision and Archiving Coverage for Modern Communication Systems

Expanded Microsoft Coverage with Enhanced Capture Options

As a premier partner, Theta Lake’s purpose-built compliance suite provides the most comprehensive coverage of Microsoft.  We not only provide full recording, capture, and archiving of voice calling and video meetings, but also leverage multiple Microsoft APIs to capture, archive, supervise, detect, and remediate risks in Microsoft Teams Chat across all chat types, including private chats and images, files, reactions, and emoji content shared within those chats.

We’re delighted to extend our support for Microsoft Teams with integration of the latest Teams Export API bringing even more recording options to subscribers.   Customers have configurable control over which Teams users’ communications are subject to supervision and archiving, minimizing both volumes of content to manage and capture of communications not subject to supervision.   That’s in addition to selective capture of content such as in-meeting chat; remediation and removal of content and files to ensure risks don’t remain exposed in chat channels and conversations; and follow the user recordings. 

A recognized market leading Microsoft Azure partner for security and compliance, Theta Lake’s latest enhancement builds on robust Microsoft Teams integrations, including Microsoft Teams Meetings, Microsoft Teams Chat, Security and Compliance Center, Realtime Compliance Advisor, OneDrive, Azure, Sharepoint and O365 Archive.

Microsoft Teams Export API permission overview
Add new integration overview. Microsoft Teams Export API

Enhancing and Innovating Compliance and Security Risk Detection and Handling

Unique Detection for Supervision Risks - Unclear Communications

Theta Lake has released a new unique AI-driven detection designed to identify when audio recordings from calls or meetings are unlikely to be of adequate quality to detect risks.   

Being able to capture and supervise communications with clients, including telephone and the voice components of collaboration conversations is a mandatory requirement for financial services firms to meet rules such as MiFID II, FCA SYSC, and CFTC.  With ever growing volumes of calls and meetings, technology plays an integral part in supervision, however audio quality issues such as background noise or poor internet connectivity can cause crucial information to be lost or misinterpreted.

This unique classifier uses information from audio and chat messages combined with conversational norms such as speed to identify audio quality issues. Flagging these communications enables compliance teams to review them for risky behavior such as sharing confidential information. Importantly it gives organizations, and their regulators and auditors, confidence that risk detections can be relied on for risk management knowing communications that can’t be analyzed will be flagged.   

The latest innovation adds to over 70 automated detections driven by AI, ML and NLP , identifying risks across video, voice, chat, and document content in what is shared, shown, spoken, and typed during collaboration sessions.

Theta Lake content review screen. Video contains unclear audio.

Extended Detections for Workplace Misconduct - Identifying Illegal Behavior

Theta Lake continually extends and refines its detections designed for the modern workplace to identify risky behavior in collaboration communications across tools such as Microsoft Teams, Webex, Slack, RingCentral, Zoom and more.  

This latest enhancement is specifically designed to pinpoint and flag conversations which indicate illegal behavior. Whether it’s references to culpability or escalations to legal, rapid identification enables communications to be both prioritized and routed directly to legal experts for review.  

Being aware of and able to address illegal behavior or liability quickly is critical.  With day-to-day workplace interaction between employees, customers, and partners predominantly taking place via collaboration tools it’s never been so easy for any participants to digitally record, screen capture, and reproduce any image or communication.  Organizations that don’t stay ahead of handling and addressing legal issues face significant liability and reputational exposure.

The latest enhancement builds on detections for risky behavior such as leakage of material non-public information, changes of venue, and collusion.  It adds to over 70 automated detections driven by AI, ML and NLP , identifying risks across video, voice, chat, and document content in what is shared, shown, spoken, and typed during collaboration sessions.

Theta Lake content review screen. Chat contains risky and illegal behavior

Unique Visual Workflows Enhanced with New Management Capabilities

Reviewing communications is fundamental to meeting specific industry regulations such as supervision rules in financial services including MiFID II, FCA SYSC, GDPR and CFTC and essential for investigating and responding to complaints, investigations and regulatory inquiries.  Reviewers and review processes span multiple teams within an organization. From Compliance and Legal to HR and Information Security, and across jurisdictions and business units, each has distinct responsibilities in the assessment, management and mitigation of risks and issues that arise.

Theta Lake’s unique visual workflow provides customers with the ability to both configure complex workflows to ensure communications are appropriately routed and escalated, as well as to visually see how workflows work in practice.  Our latest enhancements make it even easier for customers to manage complex workflows to ensure they continually fit their business processes and environment.

Customers can configure and maintain independent workflows for each review group in the organization, and flawlessly pass records between them, with full control to revise processes as roles, responsibilities and staff change.   They can also seamlessly move records between different review groups, enabling records to be reassigned, routed directly, or to bypass distinct review teams, critically ensuring there’s no delay in being alerted to or addressing risks such as misconduct or data leakage.

Marketing and compliance workflow overview. Workflow editor

Extended eDiscovery Capabilities for Cloud Call Platforms (ZoomPhone and Cloud9)

Theta Lake has extended its support for modern call platforms with enhancements to search and eDiscovery capabilities.  Industries such as financial services have obligations to record audio, including MiFID II, FCA SYSC, and CFTC , across both increasingly adopted cloud based call platforms and legacy calling systems.

Theta Lake’s latest enhancement captures and displays all available call attributes for ZoomPhone and Cloud9 calls.  This information ranges from call type and device to multiple unique identifiers, and provides customers with consistent, comprehensive data from calls made through modern platforms.

Visible in the record reviewer, these attributes are important for eDiscovery purposes, enabling organizations to search, filter and retrieve records with ease.  Stored as part of the call record, they are also critical for audit and record reconciliation purposes, enabling organizations to demonstrate to regulators and auditors that call records are complete and haven’t been altered.

Theta Lake content review screen. Cloud9 attributes tab highlighted in yellow

Scale, Efficiency, and User Experience for Improved Usage and Adoption

Continued Enhancements to User Experience

Theta Lake’s platform is specifically designed with users in mind.  From improving the effectiveness of using and surfacing risk detections to making review and analysis processes efficient for compliance and security users, the platform is a  real differentiator from others that haven’t put the customer first.  Our design patents reinforce how seriously we take design, and we’re continuously listening to customers to enhance the user experience.

In this latest release we’ve simplified menus to make it easier to filter, reduced noise by consolidating administrator settings and made important information like unique record ID more visible.   We’ve also extended the functionality of our audit reporting on classifiers, which customers use to check and demonstrate the reliability of detections, to provide direct feedback to our data scientists, enabling ongoing fine tuning of classifiers for maximum effectiveness.

Theta Lake policy configuration overview

New Security Reports for Audit and Oversight Now Available

Being able to check and demonstrate to auditors that users have appropriate access permissions is a critical security requirement for organizations.  Theta Lake’s new reporting functionality provides important oversight to confirm that users have correct permissions for both accessing information and controls, and to check that individual communications are being supervised by the appropriate reviewers.  Faced with continuous change as staff leave, join or responsibilities evolve, the report scheduler enables organizations to ensure regular monitoring of permissions takes place.

Security and Compliance for Your Modern Collaboration Platforms