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Respond quickly and accurately to compliance, discovery and investigation requests for unified communications and collaboration data. Remove voice recording and email archive silos; navigate conversations that span email, chat, voice and video; and search it all in seconds, not days.

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Challenges Organizations Are Dealing With

IT and compliance professionals face significant challenges in responding to governance events. The current landscape of digital communications is complex and voluminous, and the traditional approach of using separate email and voice archives only adds to the difficulties. As a result, compliance searches often become challenging, incomplete, and lack the necessary insights.

  • Legacy archive solutions: Compliance and discovery requests demand being able to respond to regulatory, legal and governance quickly and accurately. Legacy email and voice solutions deliver slow and siloed results and aren’t built for today’s complex communications.
  • Lack of context: IT, compliance and legal personnel must be able to accurately determine the participants’ conversation flow, intent and events around a digital conversation, regardless of modality, timeframe or platform choice.
  • Incomplete records and search results: Compliance, discovery and investigations require knowing with certainty that you have all of the necessary data points to deliver a complete record, without missing anything when a conversation may change platforms or modalities.

Benefits of the Theta Lake Approach

Theta Lake Unified Search modernizes the compliance search experience to match today’s dynamic modern UCC landscape, which encompasses voice, video, text and more. It goes beyond simple keyword search by utilizing visualizations, dashboards, and generative AI.

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Respond Quickly and Accurately
to Governance Events
Built to support all modalities, Unified Search provides both the big picture, and meaningful insights into potential risks and policy violations.
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Eliminate The Limitations of Legacy Email and Voice Archives
Eliminate the constraints of legacy siloes that are complex, hamper productivity and are costly to operate. Unified Search enables you to take a SaaS based approach to Digital Communications Governance.
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Flexibly support multiple governance events
Unified Search can be applied to compliance audits, internal investigations or discovery. Oversight of numerous or single individuals is easy and can apply to chats, meetings, audio or messaging interactions.

Featured Integrations

Gain Actionable Insights from Comprehensive Communication Data

A single source of truth for all of your modern communications

Efficiently aggregate all of the necessary data across chat, voice and video, meshed applications, and extended timelines – providing a complete “big picture” using visualizations.

Unify multiple user identities and find associated participant records

Deliver a complete and unified view of a user’s communications, across their various digital identities, to eliminate gaps during investigations.

Follow the conversation & participants, regardless of platform

Using Unified Conversation Replay, compliance team members can select two or more participants and view the total history of their communications across all of a firm’s monitored platforms.

Summarize long timelines of chat conversations for compliance review

Conversation Summary can help evaluate the communication of two or more participants or channels, extracting the important topics from the conversation using generative AI.

Understand who has seen and interacted with documents

Document Sharing Timeline provides a timeline view of a document’s journey, and helps answer questions like who else has seen this content, and where else has it been shared?

Quickly and accurately determine relationships in digital conversations

Participant Communication Graph delivers a visual representation of a search participant and whom they communicate with over any platform or modality.

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