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Simplify Dodd-Frank Compliance

with Theta Lake

Theta Lake's Compliance Platform supports the implementation of the Dodd-Frank rules framework for registered swap dealers.

At a Glance

A New Regulatory Landscape

CFTC Regulation 23.202(a)(1)

“Pre-execution trade information. Each swap dealer and major swap participant shall make and keep pre-execution trade information, including, at a minimum, records of all oral and written communications provided or received concerning quotes, solicitations, bids, offers, instructions, trading, and prices, that lead to the execution of a swap, whether communicated by telephone, voicemail, facsimile, instant messaging, chat rooms, electronic mail, mobile device, or other digital or electronic media.”

CFTC Regulation 23.202(a)(1) requires swap dealers and major swap participants to record voice communications of relevant staff when engaged in pre-execution conversations about swap products.

By referring generically to “oral” communications, the rule is applicable to conversations over desk and mobile phones as well as discussions over collaboration platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Given corresponding supervision mandates under NFA Compliance Rule 2-9, voice and collaboration conversations should be reviewed to validate the activities of associated persons.

How Can We Help?

Theta Lake's solutions for Dodd-Frank compliance

Theta Lake’s Compliance Suite includes detections for Dodd-Frank relevant swap conversations and displayed information, so that swap dealers and major swap participants can supervise Regulation 23.2020(a)(1) communications across audio, video, chat, and file transfer mechanisms in audio and collaboration applications.

Theta Lake’s Compliance Archive provides compliance reviewers a centralized data repository, where this data across the organization can be aggregated for easy search, retrieval and compliance management.