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RingCentral Blog: Enterprise Collaboration Tools for Finance Teams

By September 23, 2021No Comments
finance collaboration tools

Enterprise collaboration software (or ECS) is fast becoming an essential tool for financial services teams.

As customers become more familiar with digital tools to oversee their banking activity, manage investment portfolios and self-serve to troubleshoot their own issues, financial institutions and departments must innovate now to keep up with customer demand. That means it’s more crucial now than ever before that finance teams find more streamlined ways of working to stay relevant and thrive in an increasingly digital sector.

The importance of online collaboration
for finance teams

In the digital age, banks and other financial institutions face the challenges of innovating and evolving to address an increasingly digital-native customer base. Whether it’s evolving their business models, reviewing their internal processes, or offering a completely new suite of digital propositions, banks must do away with legacy systems and archaic practices now, in order to survive in today’s highly competitive market.

Customers now expect almost instant resolution of issues, communication on their chosen channel, and generally, a more personalised level of service, all whilst using their chosen device.

That means it’s more important now than ever that the financial industries embrace the platform economy, adopting cloud-based systems and innovative products and processes to better meet the needs of their digital-savvy customers.

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