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RingCentral Teams Messaging Archiver by Theta Lake

Theta Lake enables compliance and legal teams to securely retain, retrieve, and review fully threaded messages, conversations, and files shared through RingCentral Teams Messaging to comply with SEC Rule 17a-4 data retention requirements. In addition, 40+ NLP and ML-based policies automate the detection of compliance risks in Teams Messaging messages and files, driving more effective and efficient review. This native integration allows for unlimited archiving and eDiscovery of RingCentral Teams Messaging content starting at $5,000 per year.

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RingCentral Teams Messaging, IM & File Capture

Effortlessly unlock the productivity gains from IM and Chat collaboration with RingCentral Teams Messaging, and be compliant with FINRA, SEC, FCA and other legal and regulatory electronic communication retention obligations without worrying about cost overruns.

Conversations are saved in their original threaded context, as well as capturing files and images within the conversation history. These shared files are captured, retained, and analyzed along with RingCentral Teams Messaging messages, providing one platform to control and supervise all Teams Messaging generated content.


Compliant RingCentral Teams Messaging Archiving

RingCentral Teams Messaging messages along with content shared (images, presentations, documents, files) are captured and retained in Theta Lake’s secure archive. With Theta Lake, you can customize content retention and disposition policies, apply legal-holds, and even automate sending of chat content and Theta Lake detections to any 3rd party email vendor through pre-built integrations.

All RingCentral Teams Messaging content is securely preserved within our WORM (non-erasable, non-rewriteable) compliant archive in its native file format to meet record keeping requirements as well as keep a defensible version even if users delete/modify the original source. Theta Lake is best in breed in our security procedures and protections, providing full encryption for data in motion and at-rest with the added option to manage your own encryption keys in AWS or Azure environments.

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Advanced Search

RingCentral Teams Messaging messages, files, images or any other content shared are analyzed against 40+ natural language processing and deep learning based policies to automate the detection of regulatory, corporate compliance, and conduct risks. In addition, legal, compliance, and risk teams have robust eDiscovery tools and filtering to quickly identify subject matter relevant to audit requests and legal discovery cases.

Pre-Built Search Detections Include:
  • Regulations (FINRA, FCA, Dodd-Frank)
  • General Compliance (personal promotion, risky behavior)
  • Acceptable Use (conduct, profanity)
  • Personal & Sensitive Information