Should AI be made accountable for its decisions?

Theta Lake’s Co-Founder and CEO Devin Redmond joins a Global RegTech Summit 2019 panel to discuss why it’s hard for AI to be made accountable for an error, you need a human there to help support judgements made.

AI can have beneficial impact on the financial services market. Typically, when people discuss the nature of AI it normally leads towards how it will call the end of humans in the workplace. The perception is that instead of staffing a human team, there will be a bot. Contrary to this, there was great support from the panel on the coming together of human and AI processes.

“The best usage of ML with a human is actually that combination. You can extract a lot of cognitive insights in a much more scalable way across a lot more datasets and then allow humans to do what they do best, which is apply judgement and reasoning around that and make an action,” says Redmond.

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Ian Applegate-Olson

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