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Data Loss Protection

Protect confidential data

from leaving your organization

Safeguard sensitive information during usage of video conferencing and collaboration chat
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Video conferencing and collaboration chat have transformed the way businesses operate. With the simplicity of exchanging information and communicating realtime in new ways, it maximizes employee productivity and customer engagement. It also introduces significant risk for potential data loss. Unlike email communication, collaboration platforms have much less supervision and compliance coverage, introducing greater risk for data exposure.
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Data Loss in Video Conferencing and Collaboration Chat

Video conferencing and collaboration chat are some of the fastest-growing communication channels, and it’s a rich medium with lots of places where inappropriate sharing and data loss can occur:

  • desktop sharing
  • file sharing
  • chat sessions (private and group)
  • chat content sharing
  • images in webcam
  • virtual whiteboard
Compliance and Archiving

Automate Detection of DLP Risk

#1 concern for compliance supervision: data loss. Firms need simple and automated technology that detects data loss risk during video conferencing and collaboration chat. Pre-built policies should support analysis along with the ability to create custom rules to automatically identify sharing of confidential information, PII, PHI, or other sensitive documents in audio, visual, and text-based content.

Supervision at Scale

Manually supervising and keeping track of your review process creates a time-consuming and complex process. Your solution should eliminate this hurdle by performing analysis and supervision at scale. It should surface videos with potential data loss and point reviewers to the moment that the potential violation occurred. This ensures you have a highly efficient compliance review process.
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The solution should support your existing video conference and unified communication platforms. This will allow you to automate your video recording and collaboration chat ingestion, map specific users and groups who require review, and customize policies based on those groups. A solution that provides extensive integrations gives you flexibility to evolve your collaboration strategy without interruption to your data loss prevention program.

End-user training

Companies that invest in employee awareness training and monitoring reduce risk exposure by an average of 40%. By tracking employee interactions in real-time, supervisors can easily detect potential areas of non-compliance and enable improvement across your operations. Your solution should provide real-time guidance and education to enforce compliant behavior and alert users of potentially risky actions. Pairing proactive prevention with detection ensures that you are managing risks of data loss and taking steps to prevent them from occurring in the future.

Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms