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Theta Lake for Government

Compliance Management for Unified Communications.

Monitor Conduct, Protect Sensitive Information, and Preserve Data Privacy


With federal, state, and local government agencies rapidly switching to remote operations, collaboration platforms like RingCentral, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex are critical to maintaining business operations. During this time it is even more important for government offices and employees to continue engaging with the public while maintaining social distancing protocols, making video a core communication channel for government employee’s work routine.
US public sector is not only required by Federal and State law to preserve electronic communications but it is critical that these communication channels are appropriately monitored and supervised to maintain acceptable use that follows conduct standards and safeguards classified and sensitive data.

Challenges presented by video conference and collaboration tools

Safeguard Sensitive Data

Detect intentional and inadvertent sharing of PII and other confidential information

Video DLP

Screensharing, webcams, and virtual whiteboards creates avenues to share sensitive documents and files

Ethics & Conduct Policies

Flag abusive and controversial behavior that requires remediation

Reliable Retention

Integrate with leading UCaaS platforms for secure data capture, archiving, and eDiscovery


Proactively Detect Data Privacy Risks

Preserve Data Privacy

Automated detection of SSN, NIN, birthdates, email addresses, and other personal information.

Create Specific DLP Policies

Create rules to flag leakage of confidential information, such as upcoming product announcements, material press releases.

Realtime Guidance & Training to Reduce Risky Behavior

User Best Practices Reinforcement:

Feedback alerts reinforce best practices plus users gain insights into how their behavior benchmarks against peers and what actions they can take to reduce risk.

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Realtime Resources

Compliance approved resources are made available for users during audio, video, chat sessions and usage is logged to protect the institution.

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video workflows and policies

Protection from Risky and Damaging Behavior

Create rules to flag content that could violate conduct, ethics, regulatory, or corporate compliance policies.

AI-assisted workflows streamline supervision programs. Enable compliance teams to be more efficient and effective in identifying risky behavior that could create legal liability.

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