Video Monitoring & Compliance

Use More Video Conferencing
with Less Compliance Risk

Automated Compliance for Video & Audio Conferencing

The challenge of compliance across what was said, shared and shown in video conferencing, video calls, and video chats is a major inhibitor to more widespread video communication in regulated verticals.

Theta Lake reduces compliance risk in video chat and video conferencing usage by addressing key challenges including:

  • Providing a unified interface to review and supervise video recordings
  • Rapidly analyzing text, audio, images, documents, visual content, and participants in the video
  • Automatically detecting regulatory and corporate compliance risks across audio and visual content
  • Assisting reviewers with A.I. directed workflow
  • Mapping to complicated workflow environments at scale
  • Integrating with video conferencing and call recording systems
  • Compliantly archiving video with support for legacy archive integration

Despite compliance risks, there are undeniable benefits of more engaging communication that improves relationships, increases productivity, speeds up decision making, and reduces travel costs.

Theta Lake unlocks the benefits of video conferencing by removing key compliance inhibitors and helping compliance teams more effectively integrate video communication into their electronic communication compliance programs.

Video conferencing usage is increasing due to its benefits, but compliance costs are still a concern:


Minutes of video conferencing used by organizations per year and growing


Increase in Customer Retention Rates in organizations using video conferencing


Customer Acquisition Cost Reduction for organizations using video conferencing for sales


Compliance Cost Increase Annually across organizations


Reduction in video monitoring and compliance effort with Theta Lake
Theta Lake compliance review screen with in primary review video content

Interactive Media Compliance

Theta Lake provides full detection coverage for video calls, conferences, and chats

  • Policies detect regulatory and corporate compliance risks
  • Detection of audio as well as visual content (transcripts can tell you what was shown)
  • Directed workflow helps reviewers identify items of interest and speeds up the review process
  • Theta Lake detects policy risks in what was shown on screen and puts risk detections automatically into the workflow for reviewers
  • Unified review system allows compliance staff to see detections in the timeline and in the review section while also being able to view the video directly.
Compliance & Archiving Suite

Leveraging Enterprise Integrations

Theta Lake provides leverage by integrating with existing enterprise systems and investments

  • Integrate directly with video conferencing and video chat solutions to compliantly archive, analyze, and supervise video recordings
  • Provide enterprise ready supervision reports to stakeholders via alerting and reporting systems
  • Send detailed and content rich review summaries of video to legacy email archives
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Theta Lake integration with Zoom window
Leveraging Enterprise Integrations 3

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