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Comprehensive Compliance, Security, and Privacy Risk Coverage

Video Calls Monitoring

The time to implement strategies and monitoring technology to keep your business safe and compliant is here. Whether your organization has shifted to being in the office, working from home, a hybrid model, or anything in between, Theta Lake can help. We’re the ONLY vendor in the market that can comprehensively capture and supervise video content and all its components.


The pandemic has profoundly changed how we conduct business today, particularly how we connect and communicate with customers, team members, and partners. A virtual environment requires different guidelines and considerations than an in-person office setting as well as next-generation technology that is specifically designed to capture the media-rich complexities inherent in video conferencing.

Reliance on video conferencing has never been higher, but the adoption of enabling technology to capture, archive, and supervise the content shared within the four corners of the screen has been much slower. Unmonitored content can lead to a Pandora’s Box of risk and doing nothing it is not an option.

The time to implement strategies and monitoring technology to keep your business safe and compliant is here. Whether your organization has shifted to being in the office, working from home, a hybrid model, or anything in between, Theta Lake can help. We’re the ONLY vendor in the market that can comprehensively capture and supervise video content and all its components.

Why Should You Archive and Supervise Video Calls?

Virtual meetings are not private nor temporal. Choosing to turn a blind eye to what transpires during video calls can lead to painful fines, negative public attention, harm to the corporate brand, and much more.

  • Conversations can be enduring as capturing content or recording the session is easy using standalone recording tools, screen capturing images, or built-in app recording functionality.
  • Capabilities to enable instant sharing via screenshare or uploading content into the platform can expose desktops or applications containing risky or private content such as PII or PHI.
  • Lack of visibility into how video meeting content is used means that the meeting can be shared to an unlimited audience beyond those who attended the live portion, leading to potential data loss.
  • Many companies disable recording capabilities, but attendees can still use non-native tools to capture the content.

Leveraging Enterprise Integrations

Theta Lake provides leverage by integrating with existing enterprise systems and investments

  • Integrate directly with video conferencing and chat solutions to compliantly archive, analyze, and supervise video recordings
  • Provide enterprise ready supervision reports to stakeholders via alerting and reporting systems
  • Send detailed and content rich review summaries of video to legacy email archives

What Can and Should Be Monitored

Theta Lake recommends that organizations capture and monitor all virtual communications across all collaboration platforms.  This includes full capture of content shared via video, in-meeting chats, and what is shown, shared, typed, or spoken within these channels.

However, we realize the magnitude of this recommendation and that it’s not a one-size-fits all for every organization. Theta Lake enables you to choose what, who, and when to capture and monitor as well as the deployment speed and platforms your organization utilizes.

  • Capture in-meeting chat conversations, but not the full video conference? Yes.
  • Record video conference but not whiteboards? Yes.
  • Capture whiteboard activity but not record the video conference? Yes.
  • Record financial advisors’ videos, but not engineering team videos? Yes.
Theta Lake content review screen overview
Advisor Group logo

“It was apparent from our first demo that they understood the needs and requirements for regulated firms and had developed a next-generation solution to enable firms like Advisor Group more efficiently and effectively manage compliance and supervision for Zoom communications. The solution’s cloud-based management along with its seamless out-of-the-box integrations, ease of use, and automated risk detection made it an easy purchase decision that measurably saves costly hours of compliance work every day.”

– Todd Logan, Vice President, Workplace Technology, Advisor Group

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What do I do with…?

To realize the full value of your collaboration platform(s), all features and functionalities should be utilized. However, many organizations are hesitant to do so because they lack the tools to proactively capture and supervise the content. Theta Lake provides you this platform that ingests video recordings, automatically tags the contents, flags any potentially risky activity in the video, and pinpoints where administrators should focus their attention. This enables reviewers to dramatically reduce time spent reviewing content and addressing problems.


Data exposure and loss detection is a significant concern for most organizations and an area of potential risk is the presence of whiteboards on camera during video calls. The content written on whiteboards can reveal a lot about an organization that can put it at risk including passwords, planning, intellectual property. Theta Lake purpose-built AI is able to detect the presence of both digital and physical and flag it for further scrutiny by a reviewer.

Whiteboard in the background of a video meeting

In-Meeting Chat Messages

Theta Lake is able to detect in-meeting chat conversations and review the content for risk, including any documents, links, images, emojis, and reactions.

Administrators concerned about eComms compliance can also choose to selectively capture and supervise just the in-meeting chat portion of the meeting without needing to capture and supervise the video component.

Zoom group chat message: "Hey let's not talk about slack in this meeting, given the status as a bookrunner. I can set up a meeting offline on another. channel to talk that through with our other friends at Morgan but definitely offline.

On-Screen Applications

Video meeting participants often share desktops, documents, and applications in the shared workspace, introducing potential risk. Theta Lake’s detections include detecting the display of applications within the shared screen. Examples include:  Microsoft Office solutions (Sharepoint, Excel, PowerPoint, Word), Salesforce, compliance applications, and much more. If confidential information is shared within these on-screen applications, Theta Lake will flag it and its duration on screen so that reviewers can choose how to remediate it.

Microsoft App Detected Onscreen


Theta Lake’s solution is able to capture and review the contents of a document shared in a video meeting to better identify risk. Traditional platforms are able to capture and store the document, but not scan it for potential risky content. Theta Lake identifies any risk that the document may contain (for instance, the presence of PII or account numbers) and flags it for review.

Theta Lake compliance review screen with in primary review video content

5 Steps To Getting Started

#1 – Put your expectations of employees on the record, publish guidelines and some form of training for staff on how to observe best safety practices in meetings.

#2 – Ensure you have done the basics of good security settings on your meeting platform.

#3 – Accept that you must review meetings of high-risk users or a representative sample of your overall meetings to get any real picture of risk and exposure.

#4 – Set recording policies using your meeting platforms or third-party tools to capture those meetings.

#5 – Manually or using purpose-built technology, review those recordings and take appropriate action to address risks.

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