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Voice Compliance

Achieve compliance in the cloud voice era with robust risk detection, transcription, translation, and sensitive data redaction capabilities for secure and compliant voice communications.

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Compliant Voice Requirements

Voice recording and compliance requirements are not new for organizations.  From essential practices for highly regulated industries through to data protection and corporate compliance, the use cases and regulatory oversight around the need to record has significantly increased over time.  

These requirements can include the need to record, retain and review calls for specific user types or interaction types in financial services, such as the CFTC’s Dodd-Frank Regulation 23.202, the UK/EU MiFID II, Canadian IDPC Rule 3804, and more. Requirements can also spread into contact center use cases for financial services around customer complaint capture and reporting, or more general cross-industry vertical regulations for GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA, through to targeted investigation work for legal investigations and discovery work.  

UC & Cloud Native Voice Platforms Drive New Voice Compliance Needs

Aside from the increased requirements and scrutiny and the general increase in voice recording content, the dramatic recent shift in the infrastructure and integrated voice, text, screen sharing capabilities for voice platforms across enterprise calling, trader voice, and contact centers, has introduced a new set of needs for compliant voice. 

As organizations migrate to cloud-based voice solutions, legacy device-based, on-premise, voice only recording tools can’t scale to meet the compliance needs of cloud-native communication infrastructure, nor the multi-modal communication types delivered in these new platforms.

Evolving Needs for UC and Cloud-Native Voice Compliance Recording

Organizations face various challenges when it comes to modernizing their voice compliance to adapt to the change in scale, flexibility, and capabilities introduced by new voice platforms. These challenges include:

Hybrid locations using apps across devices and networks

where network-based desk phones with voice-only capabilities are things of the past. Today’s phones, delivered via UC platform apps, can run and be used simultaneously across legacy phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, with any network or data connectivity. For efficient and effective compliance voice recording, recording has to shift to the cloud API level for UC platforms.

Coverage for features and modalities beyond just voice

in a UC world where all ‘phones’ now include SMS, access to persistent chat, and from persistent chat to voice calling in a single app interface, as well as the ability to shift to screen sharing and more. Compliance recording for a conversation now requires the ability to capture all parts of the conversation across audio, text, chat, screen shares and more.

Generative AI assistants and summarization tools

require the ability and optionality to selectively detect the presence of the tool, while, optionally compliantly capturing or recording the output of the tool and the summary via the API of the UC provider, and deciding on the retention, analysis, and review policy for the AI summary, either with the recording or separately.

Balancing Compliance and User Experience

With the increasing use of voice via UC communication tools, organizations often face the dilemma of balancing compliance requirements with user experience around multi-modal features like integrated SMS or screen sharing, because their existing recording solutions can’t cover these features. Restricting these features drives users to off-channel feature rich tools, which inevitably increases voice compliance gaps, while both reducing employee productivity and UC platform ROI.

Ensuring Accurate, Context-Rich Multi-Language Transcriptions

where baseline transcription technologies have taken great leaps doesn’t address the need for compliance-specific transcription technology. Relying on Word Error Rate (WER) improvement isn’t enough, and compliant voice recording requires new approaches that add context, enrichment, and specific learning models to tune transcription for finding specific compliance topics and risks more accurately.

Efficient routing, retention, search, and review including translation

are all needs that require a fundamental shift in compliant voice infrastructure. The flexibility of UC and cloud-native voice provides the ability and creates the need to use the UC platforms’ APIs for compliance recording to better route recordings to the right geography for the appropriate users to the right reviewers and retention policies. This can be done without taxing corporate networks nor requiring expensive on-premise or ‘racked-and-stacked’ hosted deployments, and with role-permissioned search and review across the entirety of the content in those records with options to translate into the language the review needs.

Data sovereignty-based recording storage and handling

is needed to address the combination of the increase in requirements on storing communication records of citizens’ from one country or region within that region, matched to the flexibility and globally meshed nature of UC-based communications across locations, networks, and communication types. Compliance recording infrastructure tied to a device or a network can’t flexibly, efficiently, and cost-effectively support the need to capture, segment, and store in multiple geographic locations, aligned to the cloud-native UC platforms.

Reconciliation and audit reporting

is an increasing challenge for legacy compliance recording systems, where improper reconciliation and reporting on voice recordings is triggering an increase in fines.  Cloud voice compliance recording requires tools with detailed reporting for the number of recordings and records captured and a reconciliation of that count matched to where they were ‘sent’ and ‘received’ for storage, along with detailed reports on the retention policies and related logs for how those records are treated.

A Compliance Integration Built for Top Voice Providers

Theta Lake offers native integrations with the top voice and unified communication vendors in the market.

Theta Lake's Differentiators

Theta Lake offers a range of differentiators that set us apart in the voice compliance space:

Cloud-Native Recording & Capture Coverage Across Voice Use Cases & Mixed Modalities

API integration and recording to capture voice and aComms as well as eComms and any vComms, extended content from AI summaries to screen-shares from enterprise voice, trader voice, and contact center technologies across any device type or location.

Flexible Compliance Storage with Full Reconciliation

Three layers of reconciliation reporting to validate and demonstrate capture of recordings from upstream voice systems and delivery to downstream archiving, storage, and retention policies. Archive and store with Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) encryption, Bring Your Own Storage (BYOS) in the organization’s AWS or Azure storage, and export to other 3rd party archiving and storage systems. This includes the ability to manage multiple stores with distinct compliance retention settings, as well as the ability to store sets of recordings in any geography supported by AWS or Azure for data sovereignty-based record keeping requirements.

Patented Compliance Transcription Relevance Normalization with Multi-Language Transcription and Translation

Theta Lake’s multi-patented TranscriptionRN® includes capabilities to identify lookalikes, soundalikes, and semantically-related terms using morphological analysis, Metaphone phonetic algorithms, word formation technology to handle ASR grammar errors, and other deep technology-based approaches. These drive better compliance accuracy and effectiveness with transcription across multiple languages, including the capability for reviewers to use on-demand translation of transcripts into preferred review languages.

Cloud scale in recording volumes, processing, and storage

Theta Lake meets the ever-increasing demands of high-volume voice enabled unified digital communications, with the ability to quickly and efficiently record and capture recordings, process them with indexing, enrichment, transcription, risk detection, and reconciliation, and store them in and across multiple highly efficient storage environments globally.

Patented search and risk detection for voice, aComms, and multimodal conversations

the recording and capture layer, Theta Lake uses the source data, enriched with items including identity, regions, user demographics, platform type, modalities, and more. This drives power search that produces results in seconds, and allows a deep view of the recording and all modalities in it, as well as views across a conversation spanning multiple tools and calls, including the graph of connections of participants. In addition to this deep and unified search, fully explainable machine learning-based detections and an AI-powered review workspace can be used to quickly and effectively pinpoint items of interest and risk in conversations and recordings.

Theta Lake Certified Compliance Recorder for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams logo

Theta Lake is a unique Digital Communications Governance platform with one of the few certified compliance recorders for Teams voice and video, and coverage across all eComms, aComms, and vComms content in Microsoft Teams and M365. With “follow-the-user” recording regardless of whether the user is in an internally or externally hosted meeting or call, Theta Lake can be granulary set to selectively capture everything, or just the voice, video, transcripts, chat, or screenshare in Teams calls or meetings. This includes the groundbreaking ability to seamlessly record for Teams Operator Connect and the more than 90 carrier and voice integrations supported by Teams Operator connect.

Learn More About Our Voice Compliance Solution

To learn more about our voice compliance solutions and how Theta Lake can help your organization achieve compliance in the cloud voice era, visit our Call Recording Solution page. Our solutions provide robust risk detection, transcription, translation, and sensitive data redaction capabilities, ensuring that your voice communications are secure and compliant.

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