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Telecom Reseller: 2023, The Year Data Security and Compliance Take the Spotlight in Unified Communications

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I can confidently say that data security and compliance have become increasingly critical in recent months. With the growing reliance on digital communication and remote work, the need to ensure that data is protected and communication practices are in line with regulations has taken center stage. In 2023, it seems that the industry is finally taking these concerns seriously and actively addressing them.

The recent investments and developments in companies like Theta LakeMatrixMattermost, and Leapxpert demonstrate this commitment to data security and compliance in unified communications. These companies have been at the forefront of creating innovative solutions to address data protection and compliance challenges within the industry.

Theta Lake, for example, has been providing AI-based compliance and security solutions for video, voice, and collaboration platforms. Its risk and compliance suite help organizations ensure that their communication channels are compliant with various regulations while maintaining a high level of security.


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