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Theta Lake forms two new partnerships to support its video compliance platform

By July 19, 2018September 14th, 2021No Comments
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Theta Lake, a compliance solution for video, audio and other digital communications, has formed two new partnerships and product integrations.

The company has partnered with Vidyard, a platform designed to help organisations drive more revenue through online videos by enabling individual viewer tracking and improved customer engagement.

Its other new partnership is with Videolicious, an automatic video creator which provides sales teams with a solution to build personalised edited videos with music, transitions, logos and graphics.

These two partnerships and product integrations are aimed at supporting the adoption of video sales and marketing in regulated industries, according to Theta Lake.

Theta Lake is a cloud-based compliance solution for video, audio and other digital forms of communications. Utilising AI and deep learning technology, its product seamlessly integrates with video marketing, video conferencing and audio recordings platforms to detect any compliance risks during the communications.

The company also offers insights and automation to improve consistency and efficiency of workflows within compliance reviews and supervision processes.

Through the launch of the new product, Theta Lake customers will access a compliance solution for video content review which lowers risk for marketing videos.

As part of the partnership, videos will be automatically sent to Theta Lake by Vidyard and put through Theta Lake’s software which uses machine learning compliance classifiers and AI-driven compliance workflow to monitor risk before the video can be published by Vidyard.

Also, videos and scripts will be be automatically sent to Theta Lake by Videolicious and run through Theta Lake’s software which runs raw script documents and videos through a machine-learning compliance classifier, automated script-to-video similarity analysis and AI-driven compliance workflow.

Theta Lake CEO & Co-founder Devin Redmond said, “Compliance is critical to protect consumers, increase brand trust, and reduce risk overall, but it shouldn’t cripple the business and prevent digital innovation.”

“Video in sales and marketing is a proven key driver for business growth, and saying ‘no’ to it doesn’t make sense. Unfortunately, saying ‘yes,’ and then using manual compliance review can ruin the video marketing and sales opportunity. Manual approaches cannot process video quickly enough while they simultaneously hurt business margin by throwing ever increasing bodies at review tasks.

“The right way to solve this is with good RegTech that can increase scale, reduce risk, and reduce costs for compliance review. Theta Lake does this by integrating compliance AI into great video sales and marketing products like Videolicious and Vidyard to help compliance keep pace with the business and reduce the cost of compliance.”

In a survey by Wyzowl, 85 per cent of people want brands to generate more video content, but due to strict regulations, video marketing still has slow adoption. Regulations from the FCA, FDA, FFIEC, FINRA, and the FTC require companies to review, capture, and retain communications to ensure there are proper disclaimers and disclosures while keeping up with advertising and promotion standards, putting extra burden on compliance teams. Through the new partnership Theta Lake hopes to ease the adoption and compliance to these regulations.


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