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Theta Lake Introduces Integrated Security and Compliance Archiving for Webex by Cisco

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Webex by Cisco and Theta Lake integration

Successful Global Customer Deployments and Increasing Demand Drive Tighter Integration and Expanded Availability of Theta Lake Security and Compliance Integration for All Webex Applications

  • Webex Messaging and Webex Meetings customers have access to FREE Advanced Archiving and eDiscovery capabilities 
  • Theta Lake’s WORM compliant archiving is included in Webex subscriptions
  • Expanded Security and Electronic Communications Integrations


Santa Barbara, CA – October 20, 2021Theta Lake, a leader in modern collaboration security and compliance solutions, today announced its latest partnership enhancements with Webex by Cisco. Theta Lake is expanding its already robust suite of compliance and security capabilities for Webex to include capture of Webex Meeting electronic communications, including full or selective capture of in-meeting chat and transcripts, as well as broadening integrations and integration availability into Cisco Security solutions. Along with these new capabilities, Theta Lake is offering a free version of Theta Lake’s Archiving, Security, and Compliance Suite to Webex customers.  This easy-to-enable integrated archive provides even more efficient and effective data retention, search, and content review for compliance, legal, and risk teams. 

Since Theta Lake was added as a Cisco Solutions Plus partner in 2020, and became available for sale by Cisco sales teams and Cisco partners, Global 500 customers in financial services, government, and other industries across Canada, Europe, and the United States have purchased and deployed Theta Lake compliance and security capabilities for Webex. 

“Data and experience show that employees, partners, and customers want to collaborate, communicate, and share information on Webex while their organizations require integrated security and compliance capabilities to safely meet this demand,” said Abhay Kulkarni, Vice President and General Manager of Webex Meetings at Cisco. “Theta Lake continues to provide Webex customers an integrated and easily deployed solution that delivers holistic capabilities for archiving, archive integration, eDiscovery, monitoring, and supervision to identify misconduct, potential data leakage, and compliance risks regardless of whether it happens over voice, visual, and text-based communications.” 

Webex has seen amazing growth in recent months, but highly regulated firms are not taking full advantage of Webex capabilities. Theta Lake’s recently announced Modern Communications Survey Report: The Security and Compliance of Risks of Collaboration Tool Usage in Financial Services revealed that despite the exponential increase in collaboration usage, over 80% of respondents at highly regulated organizations noted their organizations have disabled key features like screen sharing, whiteboarding, meeting chat, file sharing, and more due to their own compliance constraints. Theta Lake is designed and integrated with Webex to solve this by enabling Webex implementations with compliance for industry regulations such as SEC 17a-4, MiFID II, FINRA, and GDPR. This includes long-term archiving and supervision of Webex Meetings, capture and archiving of Webex Meeting chat, transcripts, and other electronic communications, and archiving, archive connectors, DLP, and supervision for Webex Messaging. This partnership allows customers to access and enable more functionality within Webex, providing better user experiences and increased productivity.

To address the increased demand and need for compliance capabilities, Webex customers can provision Theta Lake’s Security and Compliance Suite free of charge through a simple click-through process, including full capture, archiving, eDiscovery, and content review capabilities across chat and video. For firms with more advanced surveillance needs such as legal-hold, integrations with third-party archives, and AI-based risk and data leakage detection, firms can seamlessly purchase Theta Lake’s full suite of capabilities through Cisco Solutions Plus. 

Theta Lake’s Cisco integration modules include:

  • Free, Integrated Webex Messaging and Meetings Archive and eDiscovery: Full capture and display, in native chat format, of messages, files, GIFs, images, reactions, and any shared content along with video conferences. Includes advanced eDiscovery and 60-day retention for Webex Messaging and 30-day retention for Webex Meetings
  • Webex Messaging Archive, Supervision, and DLP: Full native capture, supervision, archiving, and third-party archive integration for chat
  • Webex Meetings Archiving, Supervision and DLP: Archiving and the industry’s only full analysis and supervision for all video, voice, and chat meeting content
  • Webex Meetings eComms Archive: Selective archiving and supervision for FSIs across Webex Meeting chat and transcripts
  • Cisco Security Solutions: Accessing Theta Lake security and compliance detections within Cisco security tools, including SecureX

“The new collaboration-first workplace makes it easy for any participant to re-share, record, and reproduce anything shown, shared, spoken, or typed across video, voice, and chat,” said Devin Redmond, CEO and Co-Founder of Theta Lake. “Highly regulated organizations in particular need to maintain compliance standards, accountability, and provability that demonstrate they can adequately archive, supervise, and discover misconduct, malfeasance, and data exposure risks to better protect customers, employees, and their data, Theta Lake and Cisco have made great strides to address these needs, and we are thrilled to further extend our partnership with Cisco to do the heavy lifting of compliant archiving, monitoring for data loss, and performing review and supervision across Webex video, voice, and messaging capabilities.”


About Theta Lake

Theta Lake’s multi-award winning product suite provides patented compliance and security for modern collaboration platforms, utilizing over 40 frictionless partner integrations that include Webex by Cisco, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Slack, Zoom, and more. Theta Lake can capture, compliantly archive, and act as an archive connector for existing archives of record for video, voice, and chat collaboration systems. In addition to comprehensive capture and archiving, Theta Lake uses patented AI to detect and surface regulatory, privacy, and security risks in an AI assisted review workflow across what is shared, shown, spoken, and typed. Theta Lake enables organizations to safely, compliantly, and cost-effectively expand their use of communication platforms. Visit us at; LinkedIn; or Twitter at @thetalake.

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