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UC Today: Archiving, Supervising Video Collaboration Sessions is No Longer a ‘Nice to Have’

By September 10, 2021No Comments
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De-risking the full spectrum of UCC for regulated industries

It wasn’t so long ago that video calling was reserved for special occasions and infrequent use, even meriting the grand-sounding label ‘video conferencing’. 

Today, one legacy of the COVID-related remote revolution is the complete normalising of this mode of meeting one another, to the point that it’s now a baseline expectation of every business remote conversation. Collaboration applications are now core to both office-based and remote business productivity as those returning to central workplaces are taking their webcams and ring lights along with them.  Those working in hybrid and fully remote environments will continue to rely on collaboration tools as well. And it’s just as prevalent for video to be used in external and client facing communications, as for internal meetings. 

For industries who face the most rigorous compliance and regulatory controls, this presents a quandary—how to enable the critical, interactive collaboration features like screenshares, chats, and webcams in a secure and compliant way? How do you ensure that no aspect of a collaborative, multimedia rich conversation escapes capture, supervision, and review, so that the organisation is not in breach of regulatory frameworks? Despite the fact that the world’s top 40 banks and financial institutions are committed to making remote work a permeant, key pillar of business operations, Rosa Lear Theta Lake’s VP of Marketing, knows that some of them do not yet have the capability to archive, supervise, and truly understand what’s happening during collaboration conversations. 


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