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UC Today: Digital Communication Governance – How to Ensure Operator Connect Compliance

By July 8, 2024No Comments
Digital Communication Governance How to Ensure Operator Connect Compliance

Leading DCG solution provider Theta Lake on its latest Microsoft Teams integration

Voice calling via Microsoft Teams is one of the great digital enablers. 

That’s because – for many historically Microsoft-dependent businesses large and small – the giant platform provided a soft, pandemic-induced push on the journey towards cloud-powered capability, agility, and cost-efficiency. 

When leveraged by those businesses and their millions of locked-down knowledge workers, well, the world changed forever. 

Slowly since then, more and more users have activated Operator Connect – Microsoft Teams’ integrated voice calling feature – and swapped out-dated legacy PBX telephony for in-platform, game-changing VoIP functionality. 

But there’s a but: businesses for which regulatory compliance is non-negotiable must ensure all of that smart new Microsoft Teams-enabled voice communication can be captured, archived and searched. 

To do so, they must partner with a solution provider able to make it all happen.            

“As companies embrace alternatives to legacy voice and calling infrastructure and move to cloud-based unified communication platforms, modern voice recording compliance approaches have become essential,” says Dan Nadir, Chief Product Officer at leading Digital Communications Governance provider Theta Lake which has recently released a new DCG integration for Microsoft Operator Connect. 

“That shift to cloud-native voice presents new challenges for legacy compliance recording systems that are device and network-based. We’ve focused on providing the broadest coverage for all of the cloud voice unified communication platforms out there, including now Microsoft Teams, with the deepest DCG capabilities.” 


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