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UC Today: Theta Lake Introduces More Zoom Security Modules

By April 22, 2021May 26th, 2024No Comments
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Leader in modern collaboration compliance and security solutions, Theta Lake, recently announced its recent integration module for Zoom. The Theta Lake suite of compliance and security solutions now has five integration modules for Zoom, extending its position as a leader in purpose-built compliance and security for Zoom users.

The most recent module is the eComms Archive module, which delivers custom archiving options for any new modes or content types in Zoom meetings. Specifically designed for FSIs, the solution will allow regulated financial firms to use Zoom capabilities such as in-meeting polling and chat, while selectively archiving.

FSI companies will be able to customize the archiving and supervision elements of the offering with retention policies, and analysis strategies for video, chat, and audio. You can also choose the various components of the meetings that you want to supervise and archive.

Theta Lake Security and Compliance for Zoom

The Theta Lake differentiated archiving function ensures that companies can maintain compliance when using Zoom meetings and increase usage of various features in regulated environments. According to the VP of Workplace Technology for the Advisor Group, this solution has saved the brand time and money, while boosting compliance.

The series of integration modules for Zoom is now globally available, with powerful data centre and residency solutions within the UK, US, EU, Australia, and Canada. Zoom integration modules from Theta Lake now include:

  • Zoom Phone archiving and supervision: Archiving, AI-based supervision and archive integrations for the Zoom Phone environment
  • Zoom Chat archiving and supervision: Native supervision, capture, archiving and archive integration solutions for chat
  • Real-time compliance advisor: Created for Zoom meetings, this solution provides real-time compliance guidance and resources for employees
  • Zoom eComms archive: Offering selective archiving and supervision choices for FSIs across all kinds of Zoom content and modes
  • Zoom Meetings archiving and supervision: Archiving and full AI supervision for voice, video, and chat content in meetings

The Theta Lake Compliance and Security suite offers excellent AI-assisted supervision solutions and archiving systems to detect and manage risks in Zoom environments, no matter what kind of communications you choose. This includes intuitive coverage for cloud apps shared on screens, participants in meetings, meeting whiteboard content, meeting chat, and so much more.

Zoom’s new security APIs also mean that Theta Lake can offer centralised reporting, remediation, and the enforcement of Zoom policies across groups in the organisation for things like recording and waiting rooms.

An Innovative Experience for Zoom Users

Theta Lake is continuing to deliver innovative experiences for Zoom customers who have advanced requirements for security and compliance. Working with partners like Theta Lake, according to ISV Program Leader for Zoom, Paul Magnaghi, allows Zoom to establish leadership in a critical area. The company is thrilled to see a growing number of capabilities from Theta Lake.

According to David Redmond, the Theta Lake CEO, challenges for compliance and security are growing increasingly complex in this new environment. Theta Lake is excited to continue its partnership with Zoom to help address security concerns for all kinds of customers. UC and collaboration solutions are crucial to the modern workforce, and this new integration module from Theta Lake will help to better serve a range of needs.


This article first appeared on UC Today on April 22nd 2021.
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