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UC Today: Theta Lake Risk and Compliance Suite Review

By December 21, 2022May 26th, 2024No Comments
Theta Lake Risk and Compliance Suite Review UC Today

Communication has always been a critical component of any successful business.

Employees need to be able to share ideas, collaborate, and align with other staff members quickly and conveniently. What’s more, in today’s transforming workplace, the communication tools and platforms leveraged by staff members are rapidly evolving. Modern hybrid and remote teams synchronize their collaboration across video, audio, messaging, and countless online apps.

The rise of new forms of collaboration and communication has also introduced new challenges for businesses to consider concerning security, privacy, and compliance. With data now moving across various channels and modalities, companies must ensure they have complete visibility into their ecosystem and the right tools to mitigate risk.

The Theta Lake Compliance Platform is an end-to-end suite of modular intelligent products designed to ensure companies can maintain high levels of compliance in a digitally transforming world.

Theta Lake Compliance Platform Review: Features

One of the market leaders in security, privacy, and compliance, Theta Lake builds solutions for regulated companies using modern collaboration platforms. The Theta Lake Risk and Compliance Suite is its core offering, created to help security and compliance teams scale risk detection and supervision capabilities across all communication platforms.

The SOC 2, Type-2 audited platform empowers companies to boost visibility into their communication stack while avoiding costly litigation and regulatory fines. At the same time, purpose-built tools for automatic policy detection, archiving, and compliance help mitigate data breaches and allow for deeper insights into business processes.


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