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UC Today: Top Vendors Using AI in Video Technology

By March 2, 2023May 26th, 2024No Comments
Top Vendors Using AI in Video Technology


Leaders in the AI video landscape


Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming one of the most valuable tools for companies investing in video systems for collaboration and communication.

Through the right AI solutions, business leaders can augment team productivity, with access to real-time translation and transcription features. AI systems can improve the quality of video and audio connections, eliminating noise and improving resolution. There are even video tools with in-built virtual assistants to help companies in managing resources.

Let’s take a look at just some of the top vendors using AI in video, based on the companies shortlisted in the AI category for UC Awards 2022.

1. Theta Lake

Leading compliance and security vendor, Theta Lake produces intelligent solutions designed to integrate with the tools companies are already using for communication and collaboration. The company’s powerful video conferencing monitoring services use artificial intelligence to track crucial data during video calls and conversations, to minimize the risk of compliance threats.

Suitable for use with leading tools from RingCentral, Zoom, Cisco, and Microsoft Teams, Theta Lake’s technology can intelligent capture all video conferencing information, whiteboards, screen sharing, chat messages, and more. Plus, it provides behind-the-scenes insights into potential threats, showing companies which risks and compliance issues they need to overcome.

2. Dialpad

Offering a host of powerful tools for communication, collaboration, and customer service, Dialpad takes advantage of the AI landscape to enhance business interactions. Built-in speech recognition and natural language processing allows Dialpad’s technology to deliver insights into meetings, and automate workflows across customer and employee experiences.

The solution can automatically transcribe conversation, provide predictive CSAT scores during conversations, and even offer next-best-action recommendations for agents. There’s also sentiment tracking included, to ensure companies can monitor customer perceptions and happiness. Dialpad’s AI learns from every conversation, to improve your performance consistently over time.


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