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UC Today: Webex Calling – How the Latest Voice Compliance Integration Has Everything Covered

By July 3, 2024No Comments
Webex Calling How the Latest Voice Compliance Integration Has Everything Covered UC Today News


Leading security solution vendor Theta Lake on its seamless new support for Cisco’s flagship cloud calling platform

Say it loud – voice is back.

Calling is more important than ever, thanks mainly to the smarts of the giant, feature-rich unified communication platforms upon which the world now does much of its business.

The all-in-one-place, omnichannel ease with which users are able to connect and interact anytime and anywhere scores big in the convenience stakes. However, that increased back-end scale and complexity poses fresh challenges for those tasked with ensuring regulatory compliance and security.

Voice surveillance, capture, archiving, and risk detection functionalities must be of the highest quality; and, with global user numbers soaring it’s critical that cloud calling platforms ensure their customers are fully covered.

For them, picking an expert data security and compliance solution integration partner is key.

“Routing voice calls through organisations’ preferred unified communication and collaboration platforms delivers huge and multiple gains, however the automatic recording, reviewing, and archiving of those calls must be a seamless part of the process for the rewards to be fully realized,” says Garth Landers, Director of Global Product Marketing at leading digital communications governance solution vendor Theta Lake, which has recently announced a new voice compliance integration with Cisco’s Webex Calling, Webex Go, and Customer Experience Essentials

“For employees, all-in-one-place chat, voice, and video enhances productivity and collaboration. For organizations, it reduces capital spending on voice infrastructure and simplifies administration.”

Webex Calling is Cisco’s flagship cloud-based phone system, powering over 15 million users across 160+ markets around the world. It is a core component of the Webex Suite that includes Webex Meetings, Messaging, Contact Center lite capabilities and more.

Theta Lake has designed and built an integrated solution that enables regulated organisations to leverage the wider Webex feature set whilst simultaneously complying with mandates designed to ensure market fairness, guard against malfeasance, and protect private data.

Its turn-key archiving, compliance, surveillance, and data security products natively integrate with the Webex portfolio, delivering comprehensive, multi-language support covering an array of modalities including Business Texting (SMS), Voice Recordings, and Call Detail Records (CDRs).