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UC Today: Securing the Collaboration Environment

By September 3, 2020May 26th, 2024No Comments
Thetalake risk management

Theta Lake brings risk management across video, voice, and chat

As the world now depends on digital collaboration tools like never before, these rich unified communication (UC) platforms facilitate productivity and business continuity across organisations in every industry, as well as employee engagement and connectedness.

However, with all sharing comes risk, and as these multimedia tools are now the key means of communication externally as well as internally, it’s not just highly regulated firms like finance and legal service providers who are in the spotlight for security reasons.

The latest release of Theta Lake’s award-winning security and risk management solution focuses on the complex environment of collaboration platforms, and its native integration works with the features of each tool to ensure alignment of organisational and technical security policies.

Security policy compliance

Theta Lake’s Safety COVER (Configuration Validation and Enforcement Reporting) lets organisations set and enforce the security configurations you need for all of your UC tools.

As Anthony Cresci, VP Business Development and Operations at Theta Lake, explained, “Unified communication platforms have a host of security settings available to the organisation. Theta Lake helps firms understand best practices and implement security controls, as well as monitor the settings across multiple platforms. We enable visibility and alerting across those security settings; for example, if any users alter or disable settings, the organisation is alerted on settings that don’t align with stated policies.”

As collaboration platforms continue to innovate and roll out one release after another to cope with new threats, it’s important to stay on top of all their security features, such as waiting rooms and meeting passwords, and how they fit with the organisation’s internal and external collaboration security policies. This is where Theta Lake can streamline and manage the process on the organisation’s behalf.

Supervising user behaviour

It’s not just at the policy level that compliance and security risks can happen, and Theta Lake’s supervision capabilities proactively detect and safeguard against privacy and misconduct risks that occur on screen, in a call, or via chat, whether they occur accidentally or maliciously.

Risk classifiers can be uniquely configured from templates in line with specific organisational, regulatory, data protection, or acceptable use policies along with support for custom detections and redaction features that enable an organisation to supervise 100% of every conversation. “With traditional monitoring, this would be like searching for a needle in a haystack,” Cresci continued. “With Theta Lake’s AI, conversations across all channels are analyzed and anything risky is immediately identified and escalated to the compliance and risk teams for direct review.”

Eliminating web threats

Risks can come from outside sources too. Tools like collaboration chat and video conferencing enable employees to share URLs, which introduces new potential threats and compliance concerns.

By alerting compliance and risk teams and even deleting shared links that pose a security threat or acceptable use violation, Theta Lake blocks those direct pathways into organisations that can so easily be exploited by bad actors seeking to compromise users’ accounts and steal sensitive information. More often, users will paste a link without realizing what they’ve copied, such as a porn or offensive site. Not every link is what it seems, so it’s important to supplement traditional approaches of employee security awareness training with the right embedded protections.

De-risking chat

Chatting on a collaboration platform can feel like a casual and ephemeral communication, but the reality is that the content is retained and lives on for much longer. This can have negative consequences for organisations if the chat content contains inappropriate or confidential material.

While the conversation, itself, might not be directly moderated, it can still be supervised by Theta Lake’s tools. If someone has shared unsafe content—whether unwittingly posting a phishing link or insecurely sharing an account number or other sensitive information—Theta Lake’s chat remediation features enable prompt detection and removal of this content directly from the chat platform.

“We focused this release’s security enhancements on the way platforms are being used for all core business communications right now,” Cresci added. “By understanding and implementing best practices from the administrative level down to each piece of content shared by every user, Theta Lake helps organisations protect themselves from security and compliance threats, across a diverse range of risk vectors.”

Theta Lake recently won Best Security Product and Best Compliance Product in the UC Today Awards. You can download the datasheet on the latest release, Risk Management for Video, Voice, and Chat Collaboration Platformshere.


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