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UCToday: Theta Lake brings new compliance powers to Cisco Webex

By December 6, 2019No Comments
Theta Lake logo and Cisco Webex logo

There’s a growing challenge for highly regulated industries such as financial services and insurance, that the complex and personalized products they sell require stringent regulation – but are best sold through detailed interactions with specialist sales advisers.

Theta Lake’s AI-based archiving, eDiscovery and supervision is now integrated directly into Cisco’s Webex Meetings and Teams. Running continually to analyze recordings from every video, audio, and chat communication, natural language processing (NLP) surfaces regulatory, compliance, and conduct risks across all channels.

As Anthony Cresci, VP Business Development and Operations at Theta Lake, explains, the very richness of interaction today’s UCaaS offers creates risk, because of the multitude of ways a breach can now occur: “I can now share a confidential document via screen share, hold it up in front of my camera, share it through the chat of a Webex Meeting, or send through my Webex Teams as part of a chat message. Since these channels have gone largely unsupervised there is a higher likelihood of misconduct or risky behavior occurring.”

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