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Leveraging AI for Faster, Easier, and Accurate Regulatory Compliance in the Digital Age

October 5, 2021    10:00am PST / 1pm EST

Speakers: Mark Goodman (Microsoft); Marc Gilman (VP of Compliance and General Counsel); Suhail Nimji (Theta Lake)

The increased adoption of modern collaboration tools and platforms resulting from the titanic shift to hybrid work during the pandemic has introduced a gap in oversight of these communication platforms and the risks they potentially introduce to your business.

Remote work poses significant regulatory, security, and privacy challenges for financial services firms. Risks can stem from increased usage of video, audio, and chat platforms that introduce these media-rich components not easily supervised by email-oriented archives or transcript-only-based platforms.

Interested in learning how to increase compliance and mitigate potential risks in this digital age? In this webinar, we’ll discuss how users can get the full benefit of a Microsoft Teams deployment by using Theta Lake’s comprehensive and purpose-built compliance solutions that utilize artificial intelligence. Let us show you how to better identify risk and increase compliance without adding more headcount.



Getting More Out of Enterprise Video with Automated Compliance Review

Speakers: David Jeyes (Vbrick); Dan Nadir (Theta Lake)

Today’s challenge for video marketing in regulated industries centers on compliance review. Basically, compliance review for approval, retention, and supervision of marketing videos is a manual, multi-step process that is slow and not scalable for compliance reviewers and video creators. Compliance teams can perform higher quality reviews on more video without dramatically increasing staffing, training, and oversight costs. This means more compliant video for the business to use to achieve better top line results. Join us to learn more about how to leverage video development strategies and automated supervision and review of those videos to get to market faster, easier, and peace of mind in knowing those videos follow corporate guidelines and compliance mandates.


Cloud Communications for Financial Services: Connecting the dots for your UCaaS Strategy

In addition to Zoom’s pre-stocked security features, your financial institution has the ability to add additional security and compliance measures using Theta Lake in the Zoom Apps Marketplace. Theta Lake is an AI-based solution that automatically detects data exposure, regulatory compliance, security, and conduct risks and provides a centralized workspace to manage the review and next steps.

With Theta Lake, FSIs can pinpoint risky behavior in their voice, video, and chat conversations to simplify the identification and review process. This enables full utilization of the Zoom platform to increase productivity, user experience, and employee engagement.

Join to learn how Zoom & Theta Lake:
– Monitors security settings for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone
– Identifies regulatory, information security, and conduct risks
– Follows SOC2 Type 2, 17a-4 Compliant Archive + rich eDiscovery
– Managing compliance with call recording and archive integrations
– The ease of implementation and deployment in regards to a cloud phone system


Ensure Videos Created by Your Employees and Customers are Compliant: Regulated Firms' Pathway to a Hybrid Workplace

Speakers: Ofer Luft (Kaltura); Anthony Cresci (Theta Lake)

As regulated firms continue to adopt and expand their use of video for daily communication with their clients and employees, compliance teams become more and more of a bottleneck, largely due to manual review processes, application of policy, or way to automate tasks and reporting.

In this session you will learn about Industry trends, the broken process and the challenges regulated firms face today, and how you can streamline and accelerates video pre-review efforts, applying state-of-the-art technologies to flag non-compliant content and automate the approval process.


Osterman Survey Results: Risks and Challenges of Deploying Microsoft Teams

Speakers: Michael Sampson (Osterman Research); Devin Redmond (Theta Lake); Marc Gilman (Theta Lake)

In this webinar, Michael Sampson, senior analyst at Osterman Research, will cover survey results about how private chats, edited and deleted messages, screen sharing, use of SharePoint files, and other capabilities of Microsoft Teams challenge compliance archiving, capture, security, and data loss protection mandates of heavily regulated organizations.

Watch if you:

  • Are a compliance officer, chief information security officer, or head of end user computing.
  • Are a Microsoft Teams user in a heavily regulated industry such as financial services or banking, healthcare, government, or insurance.
  • Want to learn more about how to solve for the compliance challenges present in the Microsoft communication environment.

#CiscoChat Live - AI in Enterprise Communications Compliance & Security

Speakers: Donald Tucker (Cisco Investments); Devin Redmond (Theta Lake)

Information leakage. Behavioral risks. Regulatory compliance. Theta Lake, a Cisco Investments company, worked with Cisco Webex to tackle these issues and ensure communication compliance & security for Cisco customers.

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Complete Compliance Archiving, Supervision, and Security Coverage for Cisco Webex Meetings and Teams using Theta Lake

Speakers: Justin Ramirez (Webex); Anthony Cresci (Theta Lake)

Video conferencing, voice calls, and chat collaborations have become the communication channels for today’s business world and this will continue to be the case even when we return to some semblance of normalcy. Ensuring that all channels are secure and in compliance with regulatory requirements is a top concern. Learn how Cisco’s investment in, and integration with, Theta Lake’s security and compliance suite reduces the cost of compliance and manages potential data loss.

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Using Theta Lake Compliance to Maximize Your ROI with RingCentral Office for Financial Services

Speakers: Melissa Rother (RingCentral); Daniel Bridges (Attivo Group); Anthony Cresci (Theta Lake)

As more and more business interactions occur on modern collaboration platforms and oversight mandates increase, proactive storage and review of those interactions becomes more and more important, especially for those in financial services in the US and the UK. Learn how Theta Lake and RingCentral partner to provide a compliant and secure Unified Communications office suite including chat, video, voice, SMS, and more.

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Chatting about Modern Chat: Stop Data Leakage, Be Compliant, Leverage Archives

Speakers: Devin Redmond (Theta Lake); Marc Gilman (Theta Lake)

Modern chat collaboration is increasingly relied upon as a quick way to connect and share information with fellow employees, partners, or customers. Leading platforms like Microsoft Teams, RingCentral Glip, Slack, Webex Teams, Zoom Chat, etc. have a dizzying number of ways to communicate and share information in text, images, files, whiteboards, starting meetings, etc. Much of this goes unanalyzed by security tools while also not being fully captured by existing email archives with basic chat connectors. This leads to data loss and costly compliance blindspots. In this webinar, we’ll discuss best practices for getting full visibility into your modern chat, providing important remediation and controls to stop data loss, and how to integrate with existing archive systems to keep investment leverage in your compliance stack.

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Rising Reliance on Modern Collaboration Tools - Reduce Risk & Remain Compliant

Speakers: Susannah Hammond (Thomson Reuters); Devin Redmond (Theta Lake)

While FCA and MiFID II require that all transaction-related telephone conversations and electronics communications are recorded and stored for five years, it doesn’t tell the whole story in terms of the compliance and risk management requirements. Widespread remote working has increased the challenge, added to which the sometimes manual compliance review processes are often time consuming and typically only survey a portion of the overall recorded material. This is where artificial intelligence and machine learning come into their own. In this webinar, Devin Redmond (CEO and co-founder of Theta Lake) and Susannah Hammond (Senior Regulatory Intelligence Expert at Thomson Reuters) explore the issues arising and how AI, ML, together with natural language processing, can help identity, manage, and mitigate the risk and, critically, provide evidence of compliance.

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