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Zoom Blog: Theta Lake provides an increasingly important layer for customers with risk mitigation and compliance needs

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Theta Lake’s Zoom integrations covering audio, video, and text-based content can help reduce your cost of security and risk of non-compliance

As more information-sensitive work happens online, it’s imperative to maintain compliance in regulated industries. Now, more than ever before, there are new tools and ways to collaborate, but many organizations, such as those in healthcare, finance, and legal services, have to follow security and compliance regulations before they can adopt innovative solutions. This means that whole groups of customers need to do additional evaluations before they can use tools like Zoom WhiteboardZoom Team Chat, or AI Companion.

To help ensure that a company’s deployment of Zoom meets its regulatory obligations, Theta Lake has released eight different apps for the Zoom App Marketplace. These apps provide a more secure, reliable way to capture, archive, and access digital communications for regulated industries. And it couldn’t be easier to get started—all it takes to set it up is literally three clicks.

“Theta Lake enables your whole firm to turn on all of the cool features that you’d have for products like Zoom Meetings,” said Dan Nadir, Chief Product Officer at Theta Lake. “It really helps our customers–like financial services–use Zoom to their full advantage.”

Moving together at the speed of Zoom

Zoom and Theta Lake have partnered to support regulated industries since 2018 and have continued to release new capabilities for companies to archive and access critical content generated within Zoom Workplace. In addition, the partnership between Zoom and Theta Lake goes beyond apps built and released for the Zoom Workplace platform. Zoom recently announced Zoom Compliance Manager powered by Theta Lake (ZCM). ZCM provides compliance, archiving, eDiscovery, data governance, information protection, and risk management for the Zoom suite of communications, and is embedded into the Zoom Admin console.

“We want to meet customers where they’re at. We want to keep enabling their technology and collaboration,” said Rich Sutton, Co-Founder and CTO at Theta Lake. “Zoom is a huge market leader in terms of their collaboration offerings and the speed of innovation of offering new features and functionalities to keep their customers engaged.”

Theta Lake’s work on Zoom integrations starts before Zoom even releases products. They collaborate to make sure that the new releases provide the necessary compliance controls as close to launch as possible to enable regulated organizations to deploy the new functionality. Zoom and Theta Lake’s close partnership and product team alignment have contributed to the rapid rate of innovation being delivered to customers, validated by Theta Lake’s 100% “Would Recommend” rating on Gartner Peer Insights and Theta Lake’s 100% year-over-year growth rate since the start of their partnership. Theta Lake’s integrations with Zoom Workplace enable Zoom customers at all levels of regulation to meet their compliance obligations.


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