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Retention and Compliance for AT&T Office@Hand

Theta Lake helps compliance, legal, and risk teams scale communication capture and compliance management. Automate archiving and monitoring video, voice, chat, and unified collaboration channels to meet regulatory requirements for content preservation & supervision.

Theta Lake’s Compliance & Risk Management Suite provides deep supervision and risk detection, eDiscovery, and SEC 17a-4 archiving features across all content types from AT&T Office, including audio, video conferencing, and collaboration chat.

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Simplify Compliance Review with AI Intelligence

Stay Compliant at Every Stage of the Review Process

Ensure employees are meeting quality standards as well as prevent leakage of sensitive information.


Identify misconduct or any behavior not consistent with regulations in large volumes of recordings.


Long-term, WORM compliant archive to comply with your organization’s specific retention requirements.


Better preserve content for litigation matters. Search for recordings based on policy detections, people, and keywords.


Regulated organizations are subject to regulations to preserve and supervise core business communications, from SEC, FINRA, MiFID II, CFTC, and more. That is now compounded by privacy rules like GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act along with personal accountability regimes for compliance teams, which means enterprises need to perform better surveillance on all unified communications. Existing approaches have been inadequate, due to:

  • Manual Review – Lacks scale and is costly
  • Legacy Archiving and DLP Tools – Focused on text-based communication
  • Transcription with Search Tools – Lacks accuracy, doesn’t cover visual content, takes too much time, costly
  • Legal Hold – inability to set retention controls on new media types for case management processes
Theta Lake integration with AT&T Office@Hand, risk and compliance search overview

Expand Compliance Supervision

Theta Lake provides compliance for unified communications by detecting regulatory, corporate compliance, data leakage, privacy, PII, and acceptable use risks in what is said, shown, or shared. Theta Lake also provides directed workflows to add consistency, efficiency, and scale to the compliance review and supervision process, driving down the cost of compliance.

Risk Detection

70+ built-in policies powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning automatically detect regulatory, conduct, and corporate compliance risks in voice, video, chat, SMS communications. Firms also have the ability to create company-specific policies.

SOC2 Type 2, 17a-4 Compliant Archive

Capture and apply rule-based retention policies on AT&T Office@Hands recordings including: video & audio conferences, voicemails, collaboration chat messages, SMS and faxes. Content is stored and indexed  within Theta Lake’s secure, WORM compliant archive.


All content can be collected, added to cases, placed on legal hold and exported in a variety of formats for litigation preparation and internal investigations.


Comprehensive Compliance Supervision

Streamline compliance and increase reviewer productivity

Save Time, Save Money

  • Increased Supervision Scale: Review 100% of digital content with technology, plus workflow insights and automation.
  • Time-Saving Workflows: AI drives review activity for non-technical reviewers to more easily, efficiently, and consistently deal with communication supervision.

Improved Compliance, Reduced Risk

  • PII Redaction: Apply redaction to recordings with personal information, preventing leakage of PII.
  • Time-Saving Reports: Detailed reports of avaya communications, including identified risks & workflow actions, give managers and auditors a clear understanding without having re-review.

Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms