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Case Management

Legal Hold Case Management for Unified Communications

Legal hold, case management, and eDiscovery for dynamic content types



Remote work has become the new normal thanks to adoption of team collaboration services like Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams and Slack. These collaboration platforms boost productivity and make it exceedingly easy for employees to chat, share documents, and display files and images on the screen with other employees, partners, and customers. However, they also create potential legal, privacy, and compliance risks if not properly supervised.


Preserving information is key for organizations facing litigation or regulatory requirements. While legacy eDiscovery products were created to provide solutions for basic email and documentation, Theta Lake’s Legal Hold Case Management helps organizations apply legal hold parameters to dynamic, modern communication. 

Preserve data in context & from the source

Contextual Capture

Users can view specific communications in their full conversational context including video conferences, screen shares, audio recordings, and any other document attachments. All records are preserved in a SOC2 Type II, WORM compliant archive.

Direct Source Integrations

Theta Lake natively integrates with leading video conferencing and unified communication platforms such as Cisco Webex, RingCentral, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and LogMeIn, enabling seamless capture and archiving of voice and video recordings along with text-based content.

Legal hold case management overview
Legal Hold Case Management search overview

Oversight Control & Discoverability

Apply Rule-based Automation
Configure workflows that apply retention controls  to prevent deletion and store indefinitely at the first sign of potential litigation. Organizations can apply multiple legal holds across multi-media types and create summary reports, meeting preservation requirements and demonstrating defensible practices.
Advanced Search
Theta Lake Legal Hold Case Management enhances rapid eDiscovery by providing instant search across all video, visual, voice, SMS, file, fax, and document content in unified communication and chat collaboration. Utilizing more than 100 unique filters, organizations can search on participants while querying any term or topic whether it was shown, shared, written, or spoken in UC content.

Case Management Supervision

Legal Hold Case Management lets you instantly view all cases across your archive, highlighting case names, content types, and important case dates. Case Content provides a list of the records from your archive that are associated with the case, allowing you to search the entire case using keywords and filters. When data is ready for production, cases can be exported and provided to outside counsel. Users may also generate summary reports to share with management.


The Case Summary dashboard provides details about a selected case, its contents, related risk scores, and an activity log of all added and removed content.
Legal hold case management overview

Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms