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Improve Video Marketing
with Compliance

Today’s challenge for video marketing in regulated industries centers on compliance review. Basically, compliance review for approval, retention, and supervision of marketing videos is a manual, multi-step process that is slow and not scalable for compliance reviewers and video creators.

Theta Lake dramatically improves the flow of compliant marketing videos by addressing key pain points including:

  • Automating and digitizing video script review and submission
  • Automating script-to-video matching and reconciliation
  • Rapidly analyzing text, audio, images, visual content, and participants
  • Built-in regulatory and corporate compliance risk detections
  • Assisting reviewers with A.I. directed workflow
  • Integrating with video marketing and content management systems
  • Compliantly archiving video with support for legacy archive integration

Theta Lake removes the bottleneck of manual review of script documents, the laborious capture of videos created from scripts for compliant archiving, and the inefficiency of compliance reviewers watching videos to ensure they comply with approved scripts.

Essentially, compliance teams can perform higher quality reviews on more video without dramatically increasing staffing, training, and oversight costs. This means more compliant video for the business to use to achieve better top line results.


organizations saw increased sales from Video Marketing


of business plan to spend more on video marketing in 2018


of customers want more video from brands


Theta Lake can increase compliant video availability by more than 10x.
Theta Lake upload window for video and script review and analysis

Digital Script Review

Digital Script Review for online submission of scripts for review using regulatory and corporate compliance policies. Once scripts have gone through policy checks and AI-assisted workflow with compliance approvers, the resulting video can easily be added, retained, and securely archived as part of the same submission or via integrations with video marketing systems.

Video Analysis & Script Validation

When the marketing video is added, it is automatically compared to its approved script and analyzed for any other FINRA, FFIEC, FCA, or corporate compliance risks that appeared in the visual or audio components of the video itself.

This provides a faster and more efficient review process for compliant videos while improving consistency in the pre-approval and post-review supervision of videos. The added benefit of AI-assisted policy detection and workflow helps reviewers focus on accurate identification of risks while reducing the time spent on large volumes non-risky video content.

Theta Lake Digital Content Analysis for Video Marketing

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