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VIdeo Compliance

Compliance Pre-Review Automation

Accelerate your compliance and advertising pre-review to beat business SLAs, reduce costs, and better address compliance requirements around digital content.



Video and modern digital communications like podcasts have proven to be a powerful tool for customer acquisition, retention, engagement, and overall brand positioning, making it a very attractive way for regulated industries such as FinServ, Healthcare, Government to communicate to key stakeholders;


of people say they would like to see more video from brands


hours of video are watched daily on YouTube
Regulated industries are subject to a myriad of regulations around the supervision and pre-review of these advertising communications. The right compliance solution lets advertising review teams respond faster and achieve a better review time SLA to support top-line business priorities like accelerating advertising efforts, so you can maximize marketing ROI.

Digital Content Challenges Review Teams

With the ever-increasing volume of digital content to review from recorded presentations, social videos, personalized videos, podcasts, and all of the content shared within them, it is impossible to do effective manual compliance advertising review quickly enough to meet the needs of the business.


It is time-intensive and requires manual work from skilled personnel resources. All of that means, the topline objectives for the business and potential ROI suffer while bottom-line costs go up. That is frustrating for and unproductive for all groups inside of the organization. That said, compliance requirements cannot be ignored and done improperly.


Advertising compliance considerations

Under FINRA Rule 2210 and its global equivalents, advertisements must be pre-reviewed and approved to ensure the content is fair, balanced, and not misleading. One of the main snags for advertising compliance issues: disclosures.

Disclosure issues are the main reason for misconduct penalties. They make up 40% of all regulatory fines, consuming 77% of the total dollar amount of fines levied from 2012 to 2018.

Solving the advertising disclosure issue

Your compliance solution should streamline pre-review of your advertising videos with automated detection of content and behavior that doesn’t comply with industry regulations and your corporate policies. And for advertising, it’s critically important for your compliance solution to validate that the correct disclaimers are included in video advertising to protect the organization from fines, penalties, and or litigation from non-compliance. 

Guided review workflow

Your solution should automate and streamline capture, routing, and assignment of videos for compliance review. And, it should assist your reviewers with a guided workflow that creates a highly efficient process that minimizes manual review effort, reduces overall review turnaround times, and creates a more consistent and repeatable compliance review process. At the core, any solution should increase the efficiency and consistency of your compliance review programs as it will enable compliance to scale with fast growing video programs without adding costly headcount.
To accelerate review, your solution should provide all the tools you need at your fingertips:

  • Automate the rejection of video content based on adherence to company policies 
  • Streamline review of content that requires manual supervision by pointing reviewers to areas of potential risk within audio, written, and visual content that requires concentrated effort
  • Centralized work-space, built for easy listening, viewing, reading of content with tools for review actions, commenting, and improving playback
  • Automated script analysis, comparing the recorded video to scripts and displaying any deviations
  • Collaborate with other team members on reviews and communicate changes to the content creators required for compliance approval 
  • You also need to automatically address GDPR, CCPA, and other data protection requirements by identifying any use of PII in content
Youtube video review overview

Internal and External Compliance Audit Support

When it comes time to demonstrate compliance for your auditors, your solution should easily be able to provide reports, search, and even allow role-based viewing of any audio, video, and visual content reviewed for audit functions and auditors. For those audit functions, it should be simple to do a quick search across all video, voice, and written content to identify participants and video creators, compliance risks, compliance reviewers, and even words and or phrases relevant to the search query.

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