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Complete Capture Of Digital Records

Intelligent Archive Connector for Chat

If your organization needs to quickly, easily, and cost effectively add full capture of chat content for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, RingCentral, and more to your existing email archive, Theta Lake can help.

Complete, disruption-free chat message retention for your existing archive.  

Leverage Your Existing Archives Without Disruption

Theta Lake’s archiving and supervision solutions have been purpose built for collaboration platforms.  We’re a long-time integration partner of Microsoft, Zoom, Webex, RingCentral and others and work collaboratively to ensure effective compliance and security for every communication type available within these platforms.

Our Intelligent Archive Connector for Chat comprehensively captures all chat messages and seamlessly integrates them into an organization’s archive or record-keeping arrangement, retaining the full context of each chat, including all visual images (emojis, reactions, gifs, pictures), links, shared files, and more.

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Archive Integrations

Theta Lake Chat Archive Connector Overview

Benefits of Theta Lake’s Chat Archive Connector


Ensures no gaps. All channels, from group to private messages, in-meeting chat, plus all content, from emojis and GIFs to file attachments, edited and deleted messages, videos and files shared and uploaded into chat or even files in Teams shared via SharePoint links at the time of sharing are captured.


Supports third party archives (such as Veritas, Mimecast, Global Relay, AWS, Azure, and more). In leveraging your current archive of record extends the value of your existing investment without disrupting established workflows, end user behavior, and processes. Click here to see our comprehensive list of archive integrations.


All content is displayed in native format ensuring the full context is retained of where content was shared, which messages were edited or deleted, or elicited a reaction.


Ensures completeness of archived records in Theta Lake and in delivery to 3rd party archives


Fast results are made possible by including all metadata associated with the chat, attachments, or policy applied within x-headers to enable richer eDiscovery.


Cloud delivery with SOC 2 Type 2 validation and Bring Your Own Encryption Key avoids file size limitations, hardware maintenance costs, and excessive storage fees.


ROI of existing technology realized through enabling use of Microsoft, Zoom, Webex, RingCentral (and more) chat and augmented archiving. Both the risks of non-compliance and the costs of compliance are reduced.

Archive Connector Integrations

Easily use Theta Lake to capture standalone chat, in-meeting chat, video, audio, and more. Then share it with your existing email archive with options to compliantly retain an archived copy in Theta Lake as well as provide searchable risk analysis insights for your email archives.

Compatible with journaling for any email archive with advanced x-header search filters.

A Connector for the Future

As new ways of working and communicating evolve, future-proofing is essential. Theta Lake supports growing supervision and archiving needs including:

  • Capture and archiving of chat, and any other communications including video, audio and whiteboard, across multiple collaboration platforms.
  • Capturing a full contextual view across a firm’s entire chat history and other communications, including reactions, images, GIFs, attachments and links, for e-discovery and supervision.
  • Automated detection of compliance, conduct, data loss, data privacy and security risks using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Risk-rated communications, workflow routing and custom-built workspace for review and audit trail of action taken.
  • Remediation and removal of problematic content from live communication channels, redacted views of content for data privacy, and legal hold protection.

Why Choose Theta Lake

We partner will all the major UC providers including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, and RingCentral.
Our ‘STAR3’ (Secure in Transit, Architecture, Rest, Redaction and Removal) architecture is SOC 2 Type 2-audited and we are able to support SEC 17a-4 WORM compliant archiving.
Theta Lake has integrated chats into the archives of the largest Teams and Zoom users in the world.

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Theta Lake Chat Archive Connector - Complete Capture of Digital Records

Theta Lake’s archiving and supervision solutions have been purpose built for collaboration platforms. Ensuring effective compliance and security for every communication type available within platforms by each UCaaS provider.

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Selective eComms Archive for Modern Collaboration Platforms

Firms have the option to selectively archive and supervise traditional ‘electronic communication’ content (chat and polling) without the need to record and store the audio or video components of those related meetings or webinars.

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Theta Lake’s Archive Connector for Microsoft Teams Chat: Complete Capture of Digital Records

Theta Lake’s archiving and supervision solutions have been purpose built for collaboration platforms. We’re a long-time integration and Gold Level partner of Microsoft, collaboratively ensuring effective compliance and security for every communication type available within Microsoft Teams.

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Security and Compliance for Modern Collaboration Platforms