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Theta Lake for Manufacturing & Technology

Protect & govern compliance
for unified communication

Monitor Conduct, Protect Sensitive Information, and Preserve Data Privacy


Technology and manufacturing companies have supported a remote and traveling workforce for some time. The usage of collaboration platforms like Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, and RingCentral has enabled tech and manufacturing firms to support remote operations and maintain social distancing protocols. As firms plan for the new remote working environment, employees need to remain productive by meeting, planning, and collaborating from outside the office.
At the same time, opening the floodgates of collaboration across video conference, voice, and chat tools can also present risks if they’re left unmanaged. It’s critical that all collaboration channels are appropriately monitored and supervised to maintain the organization’s conduct standards and safeguard against data loss.

Challenges presented by video conference and collaboration tools

Corporate Conduct Policies

Prevent abuse, liability, and risks during voice, video, and chat sessions

Video DLP

Screensharing, webcams, and virtual whiteboards creates avenues to share sensitive documents and files

Protect Sensitive Data

Detect intentional and inadvertent sharing of employee and corporate confidential information


Proactively Detect Data Privacy Risks

Preserve Data Privacy:

Automated detection of SSN, NIN, birthdates, email addresses, and other personal information.

Create Specific DLP Policies:

Create rules to flag leakage of confidential information, such as upcoming product announcements, material press releases.

Protection from Risky and Damaging Behavior

Automated Risk Detection: 70+ machine-learning-based detections for acceptable use risks, ethics violations, and controversial behavior. Theta Lake analyzes was said, shown, or shared across:

  • Video Conferences
  • Audio calls
  • Collaboration Chat

AI-assisted Workflow: Enables compliance teams to be more efficient and effective in identifying risky behavior that could create legal liability.

Social video supervision management overview

Automate Supervision of Training Video and Webinars

Video review can be resource-intensive with demanding turnaround times. Theta Lake’s AI can facilitate a more streamlined review process by screening for risky content, focusing manual efforts on identified risks and automatically rejecting unsafe videos