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Compliance for Education

FERPA and Conduct Safety Solutions for Online and Remote eLearning



Schools at all levels- from K-12 through higher education- across the country are ramping up e-learning and virtual classrooms, leveraging video conferencing tools to engage students. Collaboration platforms like Zoom, RingCentral, Cisco Webex, and more are rapidly becoming a central part of each schools’ toolset for communication and interactive classroom instruction. 


In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools and universities to adopt virtual classrooms in response to shelter-in-place requirements. This new learning format presents challenges for educational institutions to ensure the virtual environment is safe for students and compliant with privacy and conduct policies.

Professor using safe and compliant video conference for education

Ensure a Safe Environment for Video Conference Classrooms

  • Automated Risk Detection: 70+ machine-learning-based detections for acceptable use, privacy, and related risks in what was said, shown, or shared in a video conference
  • Preserve Data Privacy: Automated detection of PII from social security numbers, birthdates, email addresses, and more
  • Detect Acceptable Use and Conduct Risks: Detect inappropriate behavior and misconduct by teachers and students
  • Create Institution Specific Policies: Create rules to flag content that could present risk or damage brand reputation

Artificial Intelligence that assists educators and reviewers

  • Ability to proactively identify and act on risks. AI reviews 100% of video recordings and surfaces only those video-conferences with identified risks with time-stamps of when it occurred.
  • Pre-screen recorded video instruction. Video is becoming the preferred channel for consuming educational content, but it can also present risks for institutions if they aren’t properly supervised for PII or risky content. Educators do not have the resources to manually review all videos. Theta Lake enables institutions to run a risk-detection analysis on the video and can automatically reject videos with too much risk while prioritizing videos that are safe for reviewers to distribute more quickly.
  • Seamless Video Conference Integrations. Theta Lake provides an education-ready solution with extensive video conference integrations (Zoom, RingCentral, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, LogMeIn) and online video platforms (Kaltura, Wistia, vBrick) to compliantly preserve student PII and safeguard students from risky content during video-based instruction.
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Education: Ensuring Safe Video Conference Distance Learning

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